Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BOGO at Payless!

It's time again for another cycle of BOGO - Buy One, Get One - from Payless! This is definitely one of my favorite sales, because chances are that I'm going to purchase some item from Payless once or twice a year, so why not wait for BOGO and get a second item at half price? Sometimes I buy some fun, wild shoes and then a purse to match, but you all know me- it's hard to resist TWO pairs of shoes! I was already planning to check out these American Eagle Bridget Mary Jane Ballet flats in Gold, but now I might need a pair of silver to round out the metallics for Spring! $16.99 each before the discount.

If You Want 'Em, Click Here

(Check it out, Isabella at Hipster Musings love them too!)

(Note: Upon visiting these shoes in person, they aren't something I can work into my wardrobe. Other flats at Payless did, however, catch my eye that didn't on the site. I suggest seeing them in person before purchasing -- which is never a bad idea anyway!)

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