Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25% Off Reebok Sale Shoes

Double-header! I know, I know; shame on me. But I have to write about Reebok two days in a row because the deal I posted yesterday is expiring tomorrow but today just kicked off another great sale I know you'll want to know about. And that's an extra 25% off all sale shoes. Just use SALE25 at checkout to see your new, low prices, like these 'Celeron' sneakers that were originally $65 and can now be yours for $25. A big deal worth mentioning, right? Oh, nevermind, I know I'm right. Even if I hate sneakers, I know that for some crazy reason plenty of y'all want to save big bucks on them anyway!

Code: SALE25

Expires: September 6th, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

50% Off Reebok Sandals

It's not too late to shop a few more end-of-season sandal sales, such as Reebok's Summer Blowout Sale. Just use code SUMMER50 at checkout to take half off the price of any sandals, such as these Hanawi II sandals in a myriad of color options, which are already on sale for $9.99. Unfortunately, this offer does exclude the EasyTone Flip Flop. But, the Summer Blowout Sale does come with Free Shipping on all orders over $99.

Code: SUMMER50

Expires: Expires September 2nd, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

BOGO on Macy's Shoes!

Guys, today is the last day to take advantage of BOGO at Macy's. This deal is only available online and entails that when you buy any pair of shoes from a selection (provided directly via the button below), you'll get the second pair of shoes for 50% off--no joke! It's an amazing deal while it lasts. Just for starters, I'd go with these 'Parker' platform pumps by MICHAEL Michael Kors. You can't see it here, but yes, the zipper dangles down in the back. Complete love! They're a little more than I'd typically spend on yet another pair of chunky black shoes bedecked in fun hardware, but because they'd make my second purchase 50% off, I think it would all even out in the end.

Expires: Midnight, August 29th, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

*Shoes in Review* August 22nd-28th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


First Peek at New UGG Boots - No Expiration


ASOS Now Ships Free to United States!!! - No Expiration


Free Next-Day Shipping on ShopBop Shoes! - Expired


Last Day for Free Shipping on Victoria's Secret Shoes - Expired


Extra 25% Off Aldo Clearance Shoes - Limited Time Only


*Deal of the Week* Extra 25% Off Sandals at Endless - Limited Time Only

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Last night I was the only girl at a party wearing heels. It was scary. I thought that if anyone could understand the horror, it might be you guys! So I just wanted to share. ;) ~SB

Friday, August 27, 2010

*Deal of the Week* Extra 25% Off Sandals at Endless

It's an end-of-summer sandal sale at Endless, meaning that you'll receive an additional 25% off the lowest price on any pair of clearance sandals if you shop now. No codes are necessary; prices on the site reflect this discount. But if you're not positive which shoes qualify, you can also do a search for AUGEXTRA25 which will narrow Endless shoes down by this sale. And yes, options even include gorgeous trendy sandals from brands you love, such as these Not Rated 'Tough Cookie' platform sandals which come in three colors and are perfectly appealing to Style Bard with all that sculptural interest and hardware. And they're now less than $40! They're just one great example of why this sale is this week's Deal of the Week.

Always Free Overnight Shipping & Free Returns

Expires: Limited Time Only

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Extra 25% Off Aldo Clearance Shoes

For a limited time only, all Aldo shoes that are already marked down on clearance are on sale for an additional 25% off. These prices are already reflected on the website, so you don't need any codes or qualifying purchases. For example, these 'SCHNICK' wedges were originally $80 and are now on sale for $29.99. I love them because they seem like they'd go with almost any outfit I'd wear to the office on a regular basis, and are probably comfortable as well; they come in Bone (shown) as well as Cognac. Plus, you'll also automatically receive Free Shipping on all orders that total over $75! Use the link below to travel directly to Aldo's best clearance shoes and boots--because this sale? Is only available online.

Expires: Limited Time Only

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Day for Free Shipping on Victoria's Secret Shoes

Today is your last chance to get your Victoria's Secret shoes shipped for free! All you have to do is shop your heart out on the website and then add a sweater to your purchase order. Once this qualifying item is in your shopping cart, use code SWEATERSHIP to see shipping costs eliminated. Then, no matter how many or how heavy your shoe order is, it'll all show up right at your front door for free! Style Bard is ogling these 'Strappy Clog Booties' which are somehow called clogs even though they're clearly not--but hey, any way to stay on trend this fall without actually having to wear ugly (and potentially trip-inducing) clogs sounds good to me.


Expires: Midnight, August 25th, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Next-Day Shipping on ShopBop Shoes!

Although ShopBop always offers Free Ground Shipping, we all know what a pain it is to wait 3-5 business days and worry about meeting the truck on time on the right day to get our new shoes! However, that pain can be significantly lessened by free next-day shipping. Now when you buy your faves from ShopBop--such as these 'Twelfth St' bowed sandals by Cynthia Vincent, already on sale for 30% off--your shoes will be shipped to you immediately and guaranteed by the next day at absolutely no cost. But hurry, because this sale only lasts today and tomorrow--and only in the USA. And don't forget to check out all the designer shoes on sale for up to 70% off!

Expires: Midnight, August 25th, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

ASOS Now Ships Free to United States!!!

Let's not be daft, we all know that it's impossible to help but look at the hottest styles across the pond when considering our latest shoe purchases and trying to stay on-trend. But then we shamefully click away from our loaded fantasy shopping carts as soon as we see what the shipping costs would be, right? (Don't pretend, I know you do this, too.) But now, one of my favorite international shoe shopping sites, ASOS.com, which offers designer looks at affordable prices, has extended Free Shipping from just the UK to the US! And they've made it even easier to shop on our own terms with explicit USD pricing throughout the website. Sale prices right now range from $5.06 (really!) to $518.98, so there's certainly something for everyone in the mix. Style Bard's fave on-sale selection is the beautiful suede 'Interview' knee-high boot by Ash, because we all know that boots are my favorite type of shoe, pointy is my favorite toe shape and--along with Black and Green and Gold--a most beloved shoe color is Purple. Love them!

Expires: No Expiration

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Peek at New UGG Boots

The Walking Company just added this season's first new shipment of UGGs. Mosey over and be the first to take a look at the most recent styles. Shopping before the season starts means that you can absolutely claim that you had the best looks before all of your friends. And shopping at The Walking Company means that you can purchase shoes that are exclusively sold through this trusted retailer, since they're in direct partnership for certain limited-release styles from UGG Australia. Such as these sheepskin-lined 'Upside' boots, which are already marked down by 22%. Plus, of course, you'll receive Free Shipping on any UGG order!

Expires: No Expiration

Saturday, August 21, 2010

*Shoes in Review* August 15th-21st

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Last Day for Free Shipping on 6PM Orders - Expired


Summer Sandal Sale - Limited Time Only


One Day Sale at Banana Republic - Expired


Reebok Family and Friends Sale - Expiring This Week - August 22nd, 2010


One Day Sale at Old Navy - Expired


*Deal of the Week* Last Day for Amazing Shoebuy Sales - Expired

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Head's up, guys! There's a big one-day shoe sale now happening on the Macy's website. ~SB

Friday, August 20, 2010

*Deal of the Week* Last Day for Amazing Shoebuy Sales

Today is the last day to save 50% off all women's shoes by Jessica Simpson and KensieGirl, such as these supple 'Pagona' cashmere leather buckle pumps. Plus, this deal is combined with Free Shipping, so you won't be surprised by hidden fees. The only catch is that you have to sign up to become a member and view these and other private events. And unlike other sales that expire at midnight, this one only lasts until 4pm--so don't wait until you get home from work to check these out. C'mon, we all know that shoe shopping is what you want to be doing on your lunch break anyway, right? Relaxing a little at your desk is why Fridays were invented.

Expires: 4pm, August 20th, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Day Sale at Old Navy

Today only, save 30% on all Old Navy shoes, including these cute metallic faux-leather ballet flats which come in four colors and are already on sale for $17 before your additional discount! Worried about missing this sale while debating which shoes (and accompanying apparel and accessories) to buy? Well, Old Navy built in a little catch for just this reason. You can keep using code ONFALL for the next 48 hours (Friday and Saturday), but tomorrow you only save 25% and the next day you only save 20%. So there's definitely a bonus for being fast, but at least you don't have to miss the sale entirely. And remember, there's always Free Shipping when you add Piperlime shoes to your order.


Expires: Midnight, August 19th, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reebok Friends and Family Sale

Today kicks off the Friends and Family Sale at Reebok. What does that mean? Well it means that all shoppers receive 30% off their order in addition to Free Shipping. But of course, this amazing deal only lasts for a few days. Use code FRIENDS when you checkout to save 30% on shoes like these technology-enhanced EasyTone 'Reeinspire' sneaks that received an excellent 5-star review for comfort (which I have to trust, since we all know I hate sneakers). A few styles are excluded, so be sure your code goes through before you pay. Still haven't gotten the kids those back-to-school shoes? Don't feel bad about putting it off any longer; now you can just pretend you were waiting for this sale.


Expires: August 22nd, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Day Sale at Banana Republic

Today only, you can save 30% off all Banana Republic orders over $100 when you shop with your BR Card. But don't worry if you don't have one yet; everyone else can save on orders of $100 and up using the same code (FALLAFTER5), though they'll only save 25%. This deal means that you'd save almost $35 dollars off of these 'Munich' feather-adorned flats, which look just too soft and sophisticated in both color options. This style boasts day-to-evening comfort--and yes, it's real suede. And while you're looking at shoes, remember that your entire order ships for free when you add a pair of Piperlime shoes to your order.


Expires: Midnight, August 17th, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Sandal Sale

Yup, summer's winding down (if you couldn't tell by the influx of back-to-school ads everywhere) and that means tons of sandals are going on sale, including a wide variety for men and women at The Walking Company. For a limited time, find stylish comfort brands like these Umberto Raffini 'Cameo' wedges on sale for up to 50% off. It's not only on trend, on sale and ergonomic, but it's a style exclusively sold by The Walking Company. And there are plenty of others to check out while supplies last (I'm assuming they won't be restocking at the end of the season) so take a peek to get those last-minute steals in--don't worry, there's still plenty of time to fit in wears this season, since we all know you can keep wearing wedges in the daytime through October.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Expires: Limited Time Only

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Day for Free Shipping on 6PM Orders

Today's the last day that you can order as many shoes as you'd like (including all of your back-to-school shoes) and receive Free Shipping from 6PM. All you have to do is reach the minimum price total of $100. Kids' shoes include fashion brands such as Kenneth Cole Reaction, offering styles like these extremely cute 'There She Rose' slip-ons in Silver, which I assume any young girl would love to prance about in based on my own preferences at that age. And yes, they're actually very sparkly and ruffly as well, if you can't tell from the picture. Plus, they're already marked down by 30%!

Expires: Midnight, August 15th, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

*Shoes in Review* August 7th-14th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


BOGO at Payless! - Expires September 9th, 2010


Free Shipping on Macy's Shoes - Expired


Today Only - Clarks up to 60% Off at 6PM - Expired


Seeking Reader Input: Where Do You Buy Shoes??


Bluefly Semi-Annual Blue Sale - Expires August 25th, 2010


*Deal of the Week* Michael Antonio Shoes - While Supplies Last

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Wow, doing so many fun new things while my sister is in town. Sometimes showing new people around NYC (and having others tell them where to go/what to do) ensures that you get to see/explore/taste more of the city, too. Sadly, even with two pairs of shoes on me and the age-old trick of changing mid-day hasn't spared my feet from new aches, alas. ~SB

Friday, August 13, 2010

*Deal of the Week* Michael Antonio Shoes

Long story short, I was referring to actor Michael Angarano the other day and instead called him Michael Antonio. Surely no readers are surprised to hear that I have shoes on the brain at all times. Inspired, I decided to go a-lookin' for some on-sale Michael Antonio shoes, since I remembered really liking some of his things in the past. I believe I had boots by him at one point? I can't seem to find them in the armoire'o'shoes right now, though. Lo and behold, I found a great selection of Michael Antonio shoes at Shiekh (link below), and many of them are even on sale. Style Bard faves include these sexy 'Makar' platform heels in leather--now on sale for only $32! And there are plenty of other amazing styles and prices, with Free Shipping on most orders.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bluefly Semi-Annual Blue Sale

Blue Sale, Blufly's biggest sale of each season, is now in full swing with savings on shoes up to 70%. Brands marked down include Balenciaga, Elie Tahari, Jimmy Choo, Versace and Marc Jacobs. Of course Style Bard will always have a soft spot for amazing Manolo Blahnik heels, such as these Black Leather Buckle Detail Cut-Out Booties (yes, that's the given name), which are frightening and amazing at the same time. You just have to appreciate such a statement shoe, but especially when it's on sale. Check out all the looks and ways to save before this semi-annual sale expires.

Expires: August 25th, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seeking Reader Input: Where Do You Buy Shoes??

Hello Fellow Shoe-Lovers,

Taking a time-out on this lovely morning to ask for requests. Basically, I'd just love to know where you love to shop for shoes. I've always stuck with keeping an eye on sites where I have shopped or love to shop ('sup, Shopbop), but I want to cover more diverse shoe stores. So please use the comments below or e-mail me with your favorite websites and online boutiques.

I'll pay you back by providing you with discount codes and telling you every single time your favorite shoes are on sale!

I think that's a fair deal, y/y?

And as always, keep soliciting me to help you find shoes -- or just send me pics of what you're wearing because I can never get enough of others' hot shoe finds!

Love & Thanks,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today Only - Clarks up to 60% Off at 6PM

Clarks are always available for extremely reduced prices at 6PM. But today only, shop from an extended line of Clarks shoes that are all up to 60% off their original price. Style Bard faves include these 'Diamond Sparkle' leather comfort pumps with patent trim in Burgundy Suede, which are already marked down by 30%. No codes or minimum purchases necessary; prices are reflected on the website and subject to change by tomorrow. For a limited time, you'll also receive Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

Expires: Midnight, August 8th, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Shipping on Macy's Shoes

Although the deal was set to expire last night, it looks like Macy's might be extending its $0.99 shipping deal through today, although this may expire anytime. However, you can still receive Free Shipping on shoe orders that exceed $75 for the rest of this week--and it's not hard to qualify for this minimum with amazing new options such as these 'Owen' heels by Guess, which I love because Style Bard is a little obsessed with anything military-inspired. Macy's makes it easy to shop for the latest trends by listing new arrivals separately and then letting you browse by what's hottest in terms of popular sales. For no apparent reason whatsoever, you can take advantage of this Free Shipping deal by applying code DENIM at checkout. On second thought, my Style Bard fave pic above sort of justifies this code with its coloring, so carry on, Macy's--you must have just somehow known.


Expires: August 11th, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BOGO at Payless!

Oh yes, it's time for the next round of BOGO at Payless. Buy any one pair of shoes, get the second pair for 50% off! And that's on top of any other sales or discounts taking place at the store. I should confess that there's a Payless about five seconds from my house, and I have to pass it whenever I head around the corner toward the subway or pharmacy. It's really, really hard not to at least wander through and check out what's new. I think that one thing I should start doing is checking out comfort levels of the shoes I like, such as these American Eagle 'Boho Huarache' flats which are surprisingly trendy, already on sale and named for one of my favorite things, Mexican food. See, Payless is really hit or miss for me in terms of comfort; one of my favorite and most comfortable pairs of wedges--and one set of white pumps--are from Payless (both cost about $5 each 'cause I'm savvy). But so many shoes are just not comfortable when I try them on. I'm just afraid if I went in to try something on, I'd walk out with five pairs of new shoes--especially during BOGO. But you know what? Let me know if there's a pair you're curious about and I'll see what I can do to scout the comfort level for you next time I go to pick up some milk and gum.

Flat Rate Shipping Always $5.95

Expires: September 9th, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

*Shoes in Review* August 1st-6th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Fall Sneak Peek at Steve Madden - Expiring This Week - August 8th, 2010


Last Day for Free Shipping on Saks Shoes - Expired


Today Only - Extra 15% Off B*Fly Shoes - Expired


15% Off All Lugz Shoes + Free Shipping Deal - Expires August 31st, 2010


Last Day for 25% Off Kids' Shoes from Reebok - Expired


*Deal of the Week* Sandals Under $100 - No Expiration

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Don't you just love re-discovering shoes you used to love that somehow got hidden in the back of your closet? I found a pair of sandals I splurged on last summer earlier this week. And now I'm rummaging tonight through some of the more ouch-y high-heel shoes to go to a party that won't require much walking, and I expect to find some goodies that I haven't given much love since coming to NYC! ~SB

Friday, August 6, 2010

*Deal of the Week* Sandals Under $100

Still looking for those perfect summer sandals? If you're on the same wavelength as me, then you've been putting off summer sandal shopping time and again only to realize it's suddenly August. And you're probably tempted to bypass new sandals altogether--but on top of having a solid two months left to wear them, at least, you also have to admit that you'll probably do this again next year. So buying new sandals at the end of this summer means you get to have new-ish sandals at the start of next summer. The Walking Company collected together its best-selling sandals under $100. By far the most attractive comfort sandals I've seen in a long time, 'Filia' by Sofft look like something I'd wear with almost any outfit. I think I can even get away with these at the office. In addition to the jeweled variety in White, I really love the Gold and Purple. And despite the fact that the site usually only offers Free Shipping with orders over $100, these comfort sandals also happen to qualify, and returns can be made at any store.

Expires: No Expiration

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Day for 25% Off Kids' Shoes from Reebok

School's just around the corner, and if your kids are about to head back, they'll probably be needing some sharp new shoes to kick off the new year. Today just so happens to be the last day of the back-to-school sale from Reebok. All kids' shoes and sneakers are now 25% off--a really fantastic deal, if I do say so myself. That means these 'Magicality' shoes from the Grade School/Pre-School category, which were first $44.99 and then marked down to $29.99 would only be about $22.50--50% off their original price. Just use code SCHOOL25 at checkout and shop before midnight for this and other equally outstanding deals.

Code: SCHOOL25

Expires: Midnight, August 5th, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

15% Off All Lugz Shoes + Free Shipping Deal

In August there are two ways to save on Lugz durable sneakers for men and women--not to mention great back-to-school kids' shoes, such as these 'Paragon Vulc' kicks, already on sale for $20 off before additional discounts. New customers can take 15% off their first order by using code NEWCUST15 at checkout. But if you're already a loyal follower and need another way to buy your new Lugz for Fall, you can use code SHIP50 to receive Free Shipping on orders over $50. If you're both? I'm not entirely positive these deals can be combined but if you're about to try it out, please do leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail to let me know!

Code: NEWCUST15 / SHIP50

Expires: August 31st, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today Only - Extra 15% Off B*Fly Shoes

With the already-low prices on B*Fly shoes, receiving an extra 15% off the price means that your total savings are up to 65% off. For example, these 'Daryl' wedges by Cynthia Vincent are already 40% off their original price before your added discount. Plus, they make an excellent transitional shoe for Fall, because they can be worn alone or look smashing with tights. And you just know Style Bard adores that zipper front! Hopefully, for added playfulness, it is also functional.

Expires: Midnight, August 3rd, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Day for Free Shipping on Saks Shoes

The July Free Shipping deal at Saks Fifth Avenue was so successful that the company has decided to extend it for two more days, ending tonight. When you spend $150 or more on Saks shoes, you can have your entire order shipped for free. New Arrivals include styles by such designer names/brands as Alexander McQueen, Alice + Olivia, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu and Yves St. Laurent. Check out these off-the-wall 'Bi-Color Patent Loafer Pumps' by Prada--is it just me or do they remind anyone else of Alice in Wonderland? As you've probably already guessed, these go well over the minimum spending mark, in case you were interested in adding these to your wardrobe for Fall.


Expires: Midnight, August 2nd, 2010