Saturday, May 31, 2008

*Shoes in Review* May 26th-31st

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.

Happy Memorial Day!


RSVP Sale at 6PM - Expires Limited Time


Save 30% on Aldo Shoes + Free Shipping - Expires Limited Time


50% Off Clearance at Hot Topic - Expiring This Week June 2nd, 2008


*Deal of the Week* Cathy Jean Shoes - While Supplies Last

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Cathy Jean Shoes

I don't believe that the Cathy Jeans site does this little-known brand much justice. When I come across a Cathy Jean in the mall, I treat it much like an Aldo and have to stop in- at least to check out the clearance. Unlike the website, there are usually tons of choices in a very refined boutique-style setting. I do hope the technology catches up for them. In the meantime, don't write these off. They're very trendy, cute shoes in an affordable price range. And it's even better when they go on sale! From the sale selection at Cathy Jean, these red satin d'orsay pumps are the best deal, now only $35 down from $69.99. That's half off! I think these would be incredibly fun to play with and add texture and interest to any outfit.
[Edited to add: I reccomend shopping a half size up.)

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, May 29, 2008

50% Off Clearance at Hot Topic

I kiiiind of decided to stop writing about Hot Topic, because while I have shopped there before, I've never worn shoes from there and I kind of feel that my suggestions should either address a broad audience who might be interested, I should really adore the shoes or at best I've bought from the store/worn the shoes at some point and can vouch for them. Anyway! Then I come across 50% Off Clearance prices and I thought, well, these prices are so good maybe those who've never shopped Hot Topic before would be interested now. And I should spread the news of any really big sale. So! Shop Hot Topic shoes- like these Black & Hot Pink Flats- for 50% off previously discounted prices for a very limited time! These are going to be less than $5 during the sale! Yeah! So even if you're just looking for some cheap jelly flats or flip-flops, you have to check out this sale.

Only $5.95 for Ground Shipping on All Orders

Expires: June 2nd, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Save 30% on Aldo Shoes + Free Shipping

In all honesty, I cannot tell you why I love colorful shoes so much. I just have to insist that if you infuse your shoe collection with options in every color, all things being equal, you're gonna grab the bright colors on your way out the door before you grab black or brown, I swear. These FRLoeca pumps from Aldo caught my eye immediately, and thank goodness for me that they're part of the 30% off collection. Other than the color, they caught my eye because they look staggering but they're only a mangeable 2.5 inches. You'll find a great assortment of every type of shoe from platform pumps to ballet flats in the mix for 30% off, and you can always get free shipping on orders above $85-- so easy to spend at Aldo! These are also available in Light Pink (Purple-ish) and Black Patent.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $85

Expires: Limited Time

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RSVP Sale at 6PM

6PM is featuring brand RSVP as a designer label now on sale. Now, "designer brand" may be a bit of a stretch for RSVP, but I definitely believe that the shoes on sale right now are worth more than they're on sale for, so this is a great time to stock up. I even had a hard time choosing between my favorites to feature! These are sexy "Leanora" and I went with them because if I had to pick between them personally, I'd pick these right now, and because they're slightly more on sale right now. My other choice, if you're interested, is here. These are called a "hot dress sandal that makes an impact wherever you go." Made in Brazil? Of course they are! Also available in Black; now 57% off while this sale lasts. Men's and Kids' shoes also available.

Flat Rate Shipping - Always $6.95 per Order / Free Shipping on Orders > $100

Expires: Limited Time

Saturday, May 24, 2008

*Shoes in Review* May 18th-25th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.

Happy Mother's Day!

Announcements & Win Jewelry - No Expiration

Shell Chic from Avenue - While Supplies Last

Quelle Horreur! - No Expiration

Under $100 Deals - Shopbop - No Expiration

*Deal of the Week* Up to 50% Off Macy's Shoes - Expiring This Week - May 27th, 2008

I'm taking Sunday and Monday off for Memorial Day so have a GREAT weekend! Remember to enter to win FREE JEWELRY over at Style Bard - now extended to June 1st!

Friday, May 23, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Up to 50% Off Macy's Shoes

It's a Memorial Day Sale at Macy's, where you can take 40-50% off the price of an array of shoes, including these heartstopping flats. I'm seriously crushing on the soft femininity of this shoe, inappropriately called 'Novice' by Via Spiga. These beautiful shoes are anything but a novice attempt; more like a tour de force- and now on sale! (Not that this week's Deal of the Week is even as much about the sale as it is about the beauty of the shoe and the fact that it's in my budget at all!) Get them before this sale ends - and check for additional savings using your Macy's card! You'll also get FREE SHIPPING with code MEMDAY and an order of at least $100.


Expires: May 27th, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Under $100 Deals - Shopbop

When I first saw these, I wasn't thrilled. One way or another I got to taking another look at them (maybe because I shop Shopbop way too much) and they're on Shopbop's Best Under $100 list, coming in at $62. I think it's a fair price for a leather shoe with quality structuring, and it is after all such a trendy shoe right now. I mean, I've always loved Grecian style and draping - well before it was hot. And I do longingly gaze at the glittery metallic and bedazzled sandal options available right now-- but there's something so appealing about the authenticity and simplicity of these shoes. I think I'd really like to see them with a modest dress, maybe even try them on. If you get them, you have to send me pictures. Roman Thong, by Cocobelle.

Free Shipping

Expires: No Expiration

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quelle Horreur!

Flaton by Donna Karan @ Shopbop

These are some shoegly (shoe+ugly) shoes! The thing that most offends is that Donna Karan is a woman of such taste, and I can't see how she condoned these. I know that some of her lines seem geared toward... women of a certain age... but those women deserve hot shoes, too! A general rule for shoes should be that they require one of the following: color, heel, pointy toe, shine or innovation. While these offer texture through the suede, there's just nothing else going on here. Nothing. I envision a peasant throwing these on in the pre-dawn darkness to head out to plow the fields for his master. And that's not Donna Karan aesthetic; I refuse to allow it. I don't even know if the Black is more atrocious, or the colorless version in Chromium.

If for some reason you're interested in purchasing these (a gag perhaps?) then you'll be happy to know they're now on sale for $99 ($98 more than I'd pay).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shell Chic from Avenue

I follow the sandal theory that you need an assortment of throw-away plastic sandals, sand-capable beach sandals, dressy sandals, and dress casual sandals. (If not more, but those are the basics.) Avenue is offering a great selection of mid-range sandals following the current "shell" detail trend, adding texture, color and shiny bling to breathe life into an otherwise standard shoe. I'd pair these with jeans or a skirt, dressing up an outfit which a lesser sandal could make look shlumpy. These 'Sierra' Thong Sandals are now on sale for just $14.95! Available in Black and Brown.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Monday, May 19, 2008

Announcements & Win Jewelry

Hello! It's not particularly shoe-related, but I wanted to give readers of SBS a chance to get in on what's going on at the original Style Bard. I'm hosting a really cool contest where you style an outfit around your favorite piece of jewelry at Szul and the winner receives a $50 Gift Certificate! It's pretty awesome all around and I'm very excited. Read more about the contest here.

In other win-cool-stuff news, you can win shoes from Miss Meghan (a fellow Glam shoeblogger) for the remaining two Wednesdays of May by visiting her blog and entering a comment. That's it! And you'll be entered to win.

Furthermore, I'm thrilled to announce that the Style Bard will be guest writing over at Shoenista, the brand new blog about Shoemania, NYC's largest shoe store. Please go visit for customer favorites, my suggestions, and insider info. about the great designers available at Shoemania. I'll be linking new posts directly to you here as well so you won't have to go anywhere for even more news about shoes!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

*Shoes in Review* May 11th-17th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Happy Mother's Day!


Last Day - Free Shipping from Victoria's Secret - Expired May 13th


Last Day - Save 25% Off Shoes - Expired May 14th


Save Big + Free Shipping on Macy's Men's Shoes - Expiring This Week - May 18th, 2008


Sale on Twinkle Toes Shoe Charms - Still Available for a Limited Time


*Deal of the Week* Banana Republic Flats - Still Available While Supplies Last

Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Banana Republic Flats

These great ruched metallic flats from Banana Republic are sure to become your ubiquitous summer staple. I can't think of any outfit they wouldn't go with, except something formal. They're a bronze-looking color called Smoke, and I think that's a great way to do metallics; it's more of a neutral than a sharp silver. They're nice and cool with peeptoe and slingback features. Now only $29.99.

Shipping is Always $6 Per Order

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sale on Twinkle Toes Shoe Charms

Featured on Manolo's shoeblog first, I've been meaning to post about Twinkle Toes for a few weeks now. I just love these must-have silver charms of every kind of shoe! I want the charm bracelet, a necklace AND earrings-- at least a few, if not several of the earrings. However, I never did get to write about them and now it only seems fitting that I get around to it when they have a SALE! Yay, how exciting. Just go to the site and check out what's on sale. You can also earn a chance to win one of these cute charms once a month by signing up for email at Twinkle Toes.

Expires: Limited Time

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Save Big + Free Shipping on Macy's Men's Shoes

Macy's is making it easy for men to look hot and stay cool this summer with two great sales on Men's Shoes. From sandals to sneakers to slip-ons, you can find 20-50% off a great array of handsome shoes. You can also get Free Shipping on orders of at least $100 when you use code SUITUP at checkout. I love these casual, easygoing Cole Haan 'Air Granada' Strap Sport Slip-Ons for on-the-go men who want to dress up a casual outfit or just have something to throw on with jeans. Available in Black, Tan, Dark Brown and Navy. For his comfort, these include Nike AIR technology at heel.

Free Shipping with $100 Orders and Code SUITUP.


Expires: May 18th, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day - Save 25% Off Shoes

I know I just wrote about a sale at Victoria's Secret but now there's one just for shoes and today is the last day!! You can take an amazing 25% off the shoes of your choice when you enter code SHOES25 at checkout. Uggs, Frye and FitFlops are excluded. Maybe it's my new job and my renewed work spirit, but these printed pumps are just shouting to be taken home with me. With three options there's something for everyone with these new arrivals from Naughty Monkey. Get them now while this sale and supplies last.

Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More with Code FRSHP100.

Code: SHOES25, FRSHP100

Expires: May 14th, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Day - Free Shipping from Victoria's Secret

Spend $25 or more in the Victoria's Secret "Destination Summer" shop and enter code SUMMER25 at checkout to receive Free Shipping on your entire order! You can qualify for this code with a pair of these patent thong slingback sandals, which I saw my friend wearing the other day in Silver and instantly coveted. They give off a more elegant look than rubber thongs and stay secure on the foot. Available in Red, Black and Silver, why buy one for $29 when you can now buy 2 for $50? A worthwhile expense in my book, as you're sure to get a lot of wear out of them all summer.

Code: SUMMER25

Expires: May 13th, 2008 at Midnight

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

*Deal of the Week* - Bally Langella Pumps

You can save over $100 on these great 'Langella' peep-toe pumps by Bally. They're now on sale, along with hundreds of similarly great picks, from I love these not only because of the great savings, but for the timeless appearance, and the dress-up elegance that can also be worn to the office. This is a shoe for every woman; reminiscent of Chanel - but much more affordable! Best of all? You can have them in your closet by tomorrow, and wear them to work Monday! And that's why these are my pick for Deal of the Week.

Free Overnight Shipping

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, May 8, 2008

*I Like These* - JLo 'Fleur'

I don't know what's going on with crochet right now. Personally, I don't believe that it belongs on a shoe and most attempts look garish, but I try to refrain from making sweeping judgments about such things. Here we have the JLo 'Fleur' in Black Suede, and I like these. I think the crochet embellishments are small enough to make it work. Plus, the shoe is about floral (definitely approved) and colors popping against the stark black, so it has other features to balance the crochet. It also has a texture theme with the suede, so the crochet seems to fit with the tone of the shoe. If you like these too, they're now on sale for only $56.35.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PacSun Sandals

From experience, I've noticed that people who wear Roxy or Reef sandals are die-hard Roxy or Reef wearers. It's a loyalty thing, it's a cult thing, it's a comfort thing, and I've owned a pair so I know their worth. PacSun is the place to get your surf sandals, or any quality sandals if you're out in them a lot (more durable than toss-around flip-flops). The prices are stable and affordable, especially considering how long these sandals can last. Though there's a great range of sandals for men and women available on the PacSun site, I picked these to feature because they're unusual from what you'd expect Reefs to be, featuring a slipper-like burgundy velvet diamond pattern, and they're called 'Pimptastic.' So, if you got here by Googling 'pimptastic'... I'm sure this was not what you were looking for. If you're looking for great outdoor sandals for the park and beach this summer, you're in the right place.

Free Shipping

Expires: No Expiration

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Old Navy White Patent Wedges

I like a great white shoe for summer, and a white wedge is the penultimate summer shoe for me right now. I've found that some women are hesitant about white shoes, and owning a pair of sandals and pumps in white, I've found them just as versatile as black without being as heavy, and I'd really like to share the greatness of white shoes with others. Now, dirt can be an issue, but I think that's just another reason these Old Navy Patent Wedges fit the bill. I love how the piping on the sole brings out the white upper. They're from the Old Navy Leather Collection, but they're on sale right now for only $24.99. Also available in Red and Black.

$5 Flat Rate Shipping

Expires: While Supplies Last

Monday, May 5, 2008

Super Hot Buys at JCPenney!

Check out the Super Hot Buys at JCPenney, where you can save big on all of the basics for summer! For moms on-the-go, JCPenney offers discounts on great casual activewear shoes, like these cute ballerina-inspired 'Baby' pull-ons by LA Gear. I like the crisp stark whiteness and the overall streamlined design, a far cry from the average clunky sneaker. They're now 50% off for only $24.99!

Expires: Limited Time

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Win Free Shoes from Running With Heels!

Running With Heels, "the online magazine dedicated to women who love shoes," is offering a chance to win one of three pairs of heels from daniblack's spring line! All you have to do is sign up for RWH emails, and you'll instantly be entered for a chance to win one of the following:

Winners will be selected on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008.

Oooh, I just love free shoes! The 'Delora' are my favorites. Which are yours?

Best of luck to all Style Bard readers! If you win, you have to tell me about it!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

*Shoes in Review* April 27th-May 3rd

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


New Shoes! - No Expiration


Mad About Shoes Sale at Sears - Expired May 3rd, 2008


Save Up To $20 on - Through May 16th, 2008

Free Shipping from 6PM - Expired May 2nd, 2008


$30 Off from Bluefly - Through May 31st, 2008


Quelle Horreur! - No Expiration

*Deal of the Week* - Ann Taylor Espadrilles - While Supplies Last

Friday, May 2, 2008

*Deal of the Week* - Ann Taylor Espadrilles

These wedges are hitting all of the right notes for me: black, denim, white piping, slingback, a manageable heel? How could you not wear these every day all summer long? And I haven't even gotten to the best part yet - these are from the Ann Taylor 'Sale' section, which means they're not only 50% off their original selling price BUT for a limited time, an additional 25% will be taken off automatically at checkout. PLUS you can use code APRILSHIP for Free Shipping on orders of $150 or more for a limited time. We're talking about major savings + free shipping here. And that's why this is my Deal of the Week.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quelle Horreur!

Taboo, by Pleaser USA @ 6PM

I realize that these may serve some purpose as... well, props or costume? I also know these have their niche in fetish shops, Halloween stores and Camden Lock. But there amid the noble and normal shoes at 6PM? I just don't understand. I didn't have any filters on for, say, S&M. Just 'dress shoes,' as a matter of fact. I don't think that these quite fit the bill the way a nice pair of Jimmy Choos would. I, um. I think I might be speechless for once. My favorite part of the landing page for these shoes is the large ad which informs us that we can save 10% if we buy these for Mother's Day. For Mother's Day. There's really no more that needs to be said about these extreme and irregular heels, except: please be careful. One death by shoes may ruin it for the rest of us.