Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Day Sale: 20% Off Your New Victoria's Secret Shoes

Today only you can save 20% on any new shoe purchase from Victoria's Secret (Uggs and Frye shoes not included). Just be sure your order totals $50 or more, and use code 20VS when you go to check out. If you're a girl who loves the slip-on, easy comfort of sandals but hates, hates, hates a thong between her toes, then I recommend these super-comfy Colin Stuart 'Knotted Flat' sandals, which are made from imported leather but cost only $49--and that's before your discount. As seen, they come in Black, White, and Blue.

Code: 20VS

Expires: Midnight, March 31st, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

20% Off ShopBop Sandals!

Y'all know I'm really excited about this one. I love, love, love ShopBop shoes. And I really love saving money on them. So this timely sale on all Spring sandals makes me a happy girl. Just pick from a wide assortment of colors and styles (457 choices, to be exact), and apply code SANDALS20 when you go to check out. Style Bard faves? These stunning, unique, gasp-for-air beautiful 'Platform Laser Cut Upfront' sandals by Berny Demore. These are definitely the height of fantastical shoes, like the pair you put in a clear glass box just to look at, for fear of wearing and marring them. But there are a whole lot of thong-style sandals, espadrille sandals, wedge sandals, gladiator sandals, dress sandals, and flat sandals available, too. Like the site says, pedicures are not included--but then again, at 20% off, you've saved some cash today so you might as well treat yourself to a soothing pedi, too!

Always Free Ground Shipping on All Orders


Expires: April 1st, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Day for Free Shipping from Aldo!

Today is the last day for Free Shipping from Aldo (which I personally think they should feature at all times to stand up to competition from the likes of Zappos, 6PM and Endless). So if you're being a bad girl and eyeing some full-priced, new arrival shoes, such as Style Bard faves, the beguiling 'Shrewsberry' sandals in Cognac (a mix-breed of styles such as...gladiator? Victorian? roller skate?), then at least you can justify the expense by saying, "Hey...if I buy them today at least the shipping is free!" That's one way to save a few bucks and still have the hottest, freshest must-have looks on your feet the minute the weather warms up. East Coasters (my peeps) have until 3am, while those in the Pacific time zone only have until midnight to shop.

Expires: March 29th, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Shoes in Review* March 22nd-28th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Free Shipping from Cathy Jean Shoes - Limited Time Only


Free Shipping on Cloudwalkers Shoes from Avenue - Expires April 15th, 2009


10 Hour Sale - 10% Off Bluefly Shoes - Expired


Shoe Psyche - No Expiration


All Naturalizer Shoes $19.95 at 6PM - Expired


*Deal of the Week* Free Shipping from Macy's - Expiring This Week - March 31st, 2009

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Hey guys! This week is a pretty crazy week for me, so forgive me if some posts show up a little late. Don't worry, it's not all stress and hardship; I'm also trying to line up some promotions for when the Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy contest is officially over (the last runner-up winner will be announced on April 15th). Remember--even though the contest is over, you can still send me your Shoe Psyche requests! I love reading them, and I'll continue to analyze readers' Shoe Psyche here at Style Bard Shoes whenever I get an email, so just keep sending them my way! Have a great week. ~SB

Friday, March 27, 2009

*Deal of the Week* Free Shipping from Macy's

This week's *Deal of the Week* is practically a two-for-one: Macy's is helping ladies build their new Spring wardrobe by not only offering 20-50% off site-wide, but also offering Free Shipping. So when you find your Spring shoe sale favorites, like these Guess? 'Delicacy' gladiator sandals (now $15 dollars off), just throw them in your shopping cart and enter code FRESH when you check out. Shown here in Bronze, these hot heels also come in Gold or Black. Total orders must equal $99 to qualify--which, to me, is just an excuse to get two pairs of shoes. Am I right?


Expires: March 31st, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Naturalizer Shoes $19.95 at 6PM

For one day only, you can shop the entire collection of Naturalizer shoes at 6pm.com for only $19.95. Known for their line of comfortable, supportive shoes, Naturalizer sandals are ideal for warm weather when you just want to get outside and walk around, enjoying the Spring air. Style Bard faves are these 'Islander' wedges, which come in an assortment of color options as well as prints and patterns (this delicious color is called Venom). There's also a very similar slingback style called 'Sherene' with a peep-toe. How cute are these for a foot-friendly comfort shoe, right? And they were originally $69.00, which means you'll save fifty bucks! Remember, this deal only lasts until midnight, so you'll have to act fast to catch these savings.

Expires: March 26th, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shoe Pysche

It's time for week two of Shoe Psyche! Last week, Anna won the grand prize of $50.00 toward a new pair of shoes from Shoebuy. This week kicks off the first of four consecutive Wednesdays in which Shoe Psyche participants will win an exclusive 10% off discount code, good toward their next purchase at Shoebuy. This week's Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy winner is: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth says:

1) My favorite pair of shoes is... Creepers and Mary Janes. I couldn't like without my chucks.

2) The pair of shoes I wish I had are... I would love a pair of Black Creepers with red stitching. There would have to be at least a couple red stars on the sides as well.

3) In one sentence, I would describe myself as... I love music and concerts are my biggest form of entertainment. I am the mother of a three year old boy, and he is my world. I see things in my son that help me understand where he fits in in this crazy world, and we dress him accordingly! He is a total mommas boy who loves to show who he is through his appearance- just like momma! We will never stick to one style or another, because that wouldn't fit our personality!

Well, that last one is certainly more than one sentence! I guess that means Elizabeth is a woman who doesn't always play by the rules. The Style Bard can tell that Elizabeth is a life-loving, on-the-go mother who requires a comfortable shoe in which to run around and enjoy life on the heels of her son. She would never let an uptight pump stand between her and a day at the playground! But those practical shoes can't be boring old Keds or prissy ballet flats; no, they need a little flash of personality to let loose Elizabeth's inner rock star. The ideal shoes to capture Elizabeth's Shoe Psyche are:

'Ruby' by Crocs

For a busy mother of a precocious and energetic young boy, your shoes have to be both comfortable and durable. Well it would take Octumom's slew of toddlers to make a dent in these long-lasting rubber Crocs. The 'Ruby' style emulates the Mary Jane style Elizabeth is fond of, but unlike the traditional slip-on Crocs, gives her the enclosed back and additional strap to make her shoes sturdy for hours of running, playing, and enjoying life with her son. Plus, they'll add a fun, bright pop of red to any outfit. They're Elizabeth's very own ruby slippers.

'Bari' by Softwalk

These stylish suede boots bring together all of the elements of Elizabeth's lifestyle and shoe personality. Softwalk brand is known for its comfort and support, which means these beautiful flat boots can do more than look pretty: they'll keep you going for long hours on your feet (or, with a young child in the house, I should say on your toes). What I like best for Elizabeth is the fact that they have a very subtle pattern of imprinted flowers swirling across the knee-high suede, which show depth and richness, perfect for the girl who wears her personality on her feet (much like a heart of your sleeve). These shoes can be dressed up or down, so Elizabeth is good to go whether it's a typical day dropping the kid off at school or the elusive all-grown-up date night while he's at home with the babysitter. They're perfect for cold weather months, but Elizabeth is a rule-defyer, so I challenge her to wear these with a fun summer dress. Why compromise comfort for style? These luscious suede boots bring together the best of both worlds.

'Shiam' by JUMP

But best of all, I think Elizabeth will love these funky, edgy platforms by JUMP (I know I most certainly do!). They combine the fashionable elements of a patent dress shoe with Elizabeth's rock star vibe, and, with a 3" thick wedge heel, they represent the look and feel of her favorite shoes, the Creeper. If a girl can get the personality and comfort of her favorite go-to casual shoes in a dress shoe, she's bound to be in shoe heaven. I think these will put Elizabeth over the moon--especially at 10% off!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I will be in contact with you shortly about how to claim your prize--a 10% off gift code which can be redeemed at Shoebuy (where you can find all of the shoes featured in Shoe Psyche throughout the next four weeks).

If you didn't have a chance to enter, but you're still interested in having your Shoe Psyche read (and your innermost shoe cravings exposed) shoot me an email anytime at stylebard(a)gmail.com. Just put "Shoe Psyche" in the subject line, and I'll know what to do.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Hour Sale - 10% Off Bluefly Shoes

It's a Cinderella story! Only, instead of losing a shoe and finding a Prince, you have until midnight to save 10% on you favorite pair of Bluefly shoes (which might just help you land your Prince). Pick your faves, whether they're a Stuart Weitzman dress sandal or a wedge by Michael Kors, and you'll get them for 10% off what they cost yesterday. I don't think a glass shoe will go with much nowadays, but how about these Christian Louboutin silver lame 'Drapinight' heels peeking out from beneath your ballgown? I'm pretty sure they'll help you catch Prince Charming's eye--and they're 28% off their full retail price with this sale. But you'll have to hurry, because all of those beautiful shoes go back to their normal retail price on the site at midnight tonight.

Expires: Midnight, March 24th, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Shipping on Cloudwalkers Shoes from Avenue

Now you'll receive Free Shipping on all orders of $75 or more when you shop Cloudwalkers shoes at Avenue. Like Avenue apparel, the shoes at Avenue are available in plus sizes and wide sizes to fit every foot (14-32). Style Bard faves are these 'Cape Cod' slingback sandals, on sale for only $24.99 and available in wide sizes. I've seen this style around for awhile, and they're easy to overlook. However, I noticed a girl wearing them at the mall last week and somehow she made them seem fresh and young with a cute knee-length skirt. Hard to make a style that's about 2,500 years old look young, but there you have it. Now I really want a pair, and I recommend this one with the slight wedge heel. They're available in Gold, Red, White and Black.

Expires: April 15th, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Shipping from Cathy Jean Shoes

Now you'll receive Free Shipping on your order of Cathy Jean shoes totaling $35 or more. Love a high heel? Since staggering stilettos and sky-high heels are in style right now, I thought I'd feature this Brazilian-made 'High Heel Pump' in Bone-and-Black (it's also available in all Black or Tan). I think it's a hot look, even though at 5'9" I can't really pull off an extra 5 inches...not that I'm shy about high heels like my tall little sister who prefers a kitten heel or flat, but I usually draw the line at a 3.5" heel. It's now on sale from $89.00 to $67.50, which more than qualifies for Free Shipping.

Expires: Limited Time Only

Saturday, March 21, 2009

*Shoes in Review* March 15th-21st

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Green Shoe Week at Style Bard Shoes - No Expiration


Free Shipping from Adidas - Expires March 31st, 2009


Save $100 on Planet Walker Shoes - Limited Time Only


Shoe Psyche - No Expiration

Style Bard Faves - No Expiration


Free Shipping from DSW - Expires April 20th, 2009


*Deal of the Week* 2 Shoes for $25 at Newport News - Limited Time Only

Saturday Note from Style Bard
Hey guys, remember that we continue the Shoe Psyche giveaway this week with a chance to win 10% off your next Shoebuy purchase if your Shoe Psyche submission is chosen. Check out that and a new Style Bard Faves on the original Style Bard, both this Wednesday. ~SB

Friday, March 20, 2009

*Deal of the Week* 2 Shoes for $25 at Newport News

For a limited time, you can buy two pairs of pumps at Newport News for just $25, which is an average savings of $8 on your purchase. Newport News offers a range of styles, from the classic round-toe heel to t-straps, slingbacks, wedges, flats, slip-ons, pointy-toed shoes, and more. And they come in a wide variety of colors per style. For example, those green slingbacks nestled in the delicious shoe sandwich above come in ten colors. All in all, if you're looking for some basics to complete your shoe wardrobe, this is a great option and you might as well get two pair for these prices and save big while you're rounding out your collection. I think I'd get a pair of the wedges, they have a funky, curvaceous style to them you have to see to understand. I just wish they came in green, too.

Expires: Limited Time Only

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Shipping from DSW

Love DSW shoes? Me too! Sometimes it's a little time consuming to browse aisle after aisle of discount shoes, but I love the clearance section, where colored price stickers reveal whether you'll save 35%, 50%, 75% or more! It's a bit easier, albeit less adventurous, to shop online for marked down styles. Now you can also have those new shoes shipped to you for free if your order totals $29 or more. Just use code FSDSW to get this great deal. Style Bard faves are these 'No. 704b Amanda Ankle Cuff' sandals, on sale for $80 off and super chic for warm weather months.


Expires: April 20th, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Style Bard Faves

The original Style Bard is kicking off Style Bard Faves, a 5-part series running five consecutive Wednesdays in which the Style Bard lists her favorite products in beauty and fashion. For the Third Anniversary kick-off, Style Bard wrote about...shoes! Here's an excerpt:

"First up: (what else?) shoes. I've been writing about shoes on an almost-daily basis at Style Bard Shoes for almost two years, since March 2007. That's 756 shoes in 730 days! Naturally, it's a little hard to pick out a selection of five favorites (and I have maternal guilt about all the hundreds I had to overlook). Yet, here they are:

5) The fourth runner-up out of the five favorite shoes I've come across in the past three years is actually the hardest to choose. Picking out your favorites is easy, but narrowing down the last one to make the cut is tricky. Should I choose another pair of whimsical knee-high boots? Boots are my favorite style of shoe. Should I feature something with a zipper? Style Bard readers know that I'm a sucker for some zipper detailing on a shoe. How about the quintessential Jimmy Choo mid-heel black patent slingbacks, which every girl needs in her shoe armoire? But no. Finally I decided that I needed to choose a flashy, bright, dress-up shoe, the likes of which I'll never be able to buy in real life--something to add balance to the dark, gothic, S&M, romantic shoes I tend to favor. And that's [...]"

Visit the full post at Style Bard to see what brands and styles made the cut for Style Bard Faves. (I know, I'm such a tease.)

Shoe Psyche

Welcome to the premiere of Shoe Psyche, the latest feature on Style Bard Shoes. To launch this new feature, Style Bard partnered with the wonderful team at Shoebuy to offer readers a chance to win $50.00 toward a new pair of shoes. Four runners-up will win an exclusive 10% off discount code, good toward their next purchase at Shoebuy, no holds barred. The runners-up will have their Shoe Psyche read every consecutive Wednesday following today, and find their special code in their inbox on the day their Shoe Psyche is featured. But I know what you're all waiting for, so here she is, our Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy grand prize winner: Anna!

Anna says:

1) My favorite pair of shoes is... my pink satin 4.5 inch high sandals with a big bow from Bakers Shoes--they make me feel like Carrie from Sex and the City.

2) The pair of shoes I wish I had are... Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive Peep-Toe Pumps in Black, a very desirable yet unattainable due to price tag classic.

3) In one sentence, I would describe myself as... a hopeless romantic who prefers beautiful shoes over comfortable shoes anytime!

The Style Bard can tell that Anna is a girl who walks tall but isn't afraid of her femininity. Anna swoons for designer shoes, but keeps a level head; she doesn't need a reminder that the electric bill must be paid before she hits the mall. She's not afraid to attract attention in a crowd, and much like it-girl Carrie Bradshaw, shows a creative streak both in her fashion choices and her love life. The ideal shoes to capture Anna's Shoe Psyche are:

Paris Hilton Glitzy (Women's) - Gold Metallic
'Glitzy' by Paris Hilton

A metallic peep-toe named 'Glitzy' is just what Anna needs. She'll sparkle and shine as she shows off her latest pedicure and newest ensemble, catching attention from all the boys and all the paparazzi, much like Ms. Hilton herself.

Via Spiga Quinn (Women's) - Black Satin
'Quinn' by Via Spiga

A girl who covets a staggering black Louboutin pump is sure to love these luxe Via Spiga black satin heels with (much to Carrie's approval, I'm sure) a fleurchon of black rosettes for a kick of character. With a 1/2" hidden platform and a 4" heel they're no wilting violets, and neither is the girl who wears them. They're classics with a twist, just like Anna herself.

And last but not least, I just know Anna has been eyeing these ever since she saw them in the post about the Shoebuy contest:

Jessica Simpson Donora (Women's) - Purple Rose Patent
'Donora' by Jessica Simpson

With a 4.5 inch heel and an ultra-fem bow, they've got the height and chutzpah of her favorite pair. Unlike Ms. Bradshaw, I think Anna cares about her piggy bank as much as she cares about her shoes, so she'll want to save her Bakers for the right occasions and keep them looking new as long as possible. In the meantime, Anna can take these babies out for a spin when weather conditions aren't up to par. She'll get the same look, but won't have to worry about rain or soot on satin.

Congratulations, Anna! I will be in contact with you shortly about how to claim your prize--a $50.00 gift certificate to Shoebuy (where you can find all of the shoes featured in Shoe Psyche throughout the next five weeks).

If you didn't have a chance to enter, but you're still interested in having your Shoe Psyche read (and your innermost shoe cravings exposed) shoot me an email anytime at stylebard(a)gmail.com. Just put "Shoe Psyche" in the subject line, and I'll know what to do.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Save $100 on Planet Walker Shoes!

Planet Walkers is now offering a line of ergonomic ecosneaks for only $29.90. These shoes, a derivative of the well-known Simple Shoes/Teva line of environmentally conscientious shoes, typically sell for $130.00 to 140.00. That makes Planet Walker shoes 75% off the regular selling price! You won't find Planet Walker shoes for this price anywhere else on the web. Shown here are the Men's 'Trekker' shoes in Brown suede, also available in Black. And yes, you can really get these, along with other men's shoes and women's shoes for less than $30 for a limited time.

But Style Bard, you say. It's Green Shoe Week, and these shoes are clearly Brown-colored! I say to you: just think about it! Environmentally conscientious, eco-friendly, organic shoes...it doesn't get more 'green' than that!

Expires: Limited Time Only

Monday, March 16, 2009

Free Shipping from Adidas

Now, when you spend $49 or more, you can have your Adidas sneakers and sandals shipped to you for free! Just enter code FREESHIP49 at checkout. If you're looking for comfortable, supportive sandals to get you through the summer check out the sleek 'Koolvayuna' sandals from Adidas. They're much better for your back and muscles than flat flip flops, and nowhere near as expensive as some athletic sandal alternatives, selling for only $32 in Green, Red, Navy or Black. Over a thousand options are now 50% off as Adidas clears out last year's merchandise to make room for new stock. Take advantage of this amazing sale while supplies last, and have your half off goodies shipped to you for free!


Expires: March 31st, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Green Shoe Week at Style Bard Shoes

Today Style Bard Shoes is kicking off the Second Annual Green Shoe Week in honor of St. Patrick's Day! I'm a proud Irish gal, in case you didn't know, so celebrating one of my favorite holidays is a no-brainer. And finding a week's worth of green shoes was such a fun challenge last year, I just had to do it again! So look for amazing sales featuring Green Shoes this week. I'm definitely on the prowl for a pair myself (I have been for about a year), so I'm hoping this unusual task leads me to a fabulous purchase or two.

I know what you're thinking: if the Style Bard looks at shoes all day and can't manage to find a pair she's looking for in a year, how are the rest of us supposed to find the perfect shoes? Well, I'm usually a little better about buying shoes than this! The truth is, I fell in love with one pair of green shoes, and then just couldn't find them in my size. Ever since then no other pair has quite measured up. It's a sad and tragic tale, my friends. Here are the beauties which ruined other green shoes for me:

'Feline' by Franco Sarto

I already have these in Black and I absolutely love them, so when I saw them in Avocado Green I just swooned! But it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well, I know I'll find an apt replacement one of these days...maybe even this week!

If you ever need help locating a pair of shoes, or finding the style you want within your price range, feel free to shoot me an email with the subject line 'Shoe Hunt' and I'd love to help you out. Because believe me, I've been there. And now I have the connections, time and resources to help you out; plus, I just love an excuse to hunt through shoes--it's the SBS raison d'etre!

Just as a reminder: St. Patrick's Day is also your last chance to shoot me an email to win a pair of free shoes from Shoebuy! For a refresher on the contest details, click here.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

*Shoes in Review* March 8th-14th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Last Day for Free Shipping from Aldo Shoes - Expired


Last Day for Free Shipping on Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes - Expired


Save Some Cash on Victoria's Secret Shoes - Expired

MBT Sandals from The Walking Company + Free 2nd Day Shipping - No Expiration


Save $25 Off Lugz New Spring Styles - Expiring This Week - March 15th, 2009


40% Off + Free Shipping from Payless - Expires March 23rd, 2009


*Deal of the Week* Online Shoes Anniversary Sale - Expiring This Week - March 16th, 2009

Saturday Note from Style Bard
There are only three days left to win free shoes from Shoebuy! The winner will be announced on the Style Bard / Style Bard Shoes 3rd Anniversary on March 18th, 2009. Check out great specials this week from both blogs, such as Style Bard Faves at the original Style Bard and Green Shoe Week in honor of St. Patrick's Day on Style Bard Shoes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

*Deal of the Week* Online Shoes Anniversary Sale

So, it's Friday the 13th. What better deal for today's *Deal of the Week* than with the 13th Anniversary Sale from OnlineShoes.com? Through the end of the weekend, you can save big on thousands of brand names. I adore these Carlos by Carlos Santana 'Python' flats in Pewter or Olive (seen here), now 67% off for $44.95. They look like they cost a lot more, don't they?? If you're going to go casual and comfortable, at least add some seasonal style with animal print design, add a little flash of patent, show flare with the inverted zipper accent (y'all know how the Style Bard loves zippers)--and you've got a stylish alternative to the everyday ballet flat that can be dressed up or down. Check out these and other discount prices before the anniversary sale ends this Monday.

Always Free Shipping and Free Exchanges

Expires: March 16th, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

40% Off + Free Shipping from Payless

This season's BOGO has come to a close, so now it's time to save 40% off select Spring shoes in the Hello Spring Sale. Not only that, but you can also receive Free Shipping on your whole order when you spend a minimum of $50. At Payless, that goes a long way! I'd start with these American Eagle 'Karter' peep-toe wedges, which are now only $19.99 and available in Black, Teal or White. But there are also some very affordable flats, sandals and heels that are very tempting, and I wouldn't be surprised if I come home with a few new shoes the next time I go to check out Payless wares.

Expires: March 23rd, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Save $25 Off Lugz New Spring Styles

New Spring styles are in at Lugz, and for a limited time you can save cash when you order a pair of men's sneakers, women's sneakers or children's sneakers. Save $5 instantly on any order with code 5OFF. Save $10 off a purchase of $50 with code 10OFF. Save $15 off $75 with code 15OFF. And save $25 off $100 with code 25OFF. These pink and grey 'Drifter' women's work boots are already on sale for $39.99, and come in five color options. If you spend another $10 and get it taken back off with the 10OFF code, whatever else you buy is practically free!

Code: 5OFF / 10OFF / 15OFF / 25OFF

Expires: March 15th, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MBT Sandals from The Walking Company + Free 2nd Day Shipping

Look out! It's a Tuesday Twofer! That's right, two sales in one day. I recently heard about MBT sneakers and sandals for the first time, and I was definitely intrigued, if not just for what they supposedly do for your health--improve posture, burn calories and increase muscle tone--but because they just look so damn strange! I checked these out in person, lifting the shoes (lighter than they looked) and studying the different styles (uglier than other sandals, of course, but less ugly than you'd think). The Walking Company is now adding MBT to its collection of comfort shoes, and shoppers will receive 2nd Day Shipping with their purchase for a limited time. If you've been intrigued by the comfort of Uggs combined with the exercise enhancement of FitFlops, I think MBT is the right pick for you this season. Style Bard faves are these 'M Walk' sneakers in Pink, which don't look too weird; more like sneakers with some height, like a hidden platform (which is, suffice it to say, another benefit). They create a rolling motion when the wearer is walking, jogging or running, while hugging the wearer's feet in a pleasant cushion of support. Stay in shape with greater ease in MBTs.

Expires: No Expiration

Save Some Cash on Victoria's Secret Shoes

Now this is queer. I have two different notices in my inbox with two different deals from Victoria's Secret. One says that you can save $15 on $100 purchases by using the code GETVS. The other one says you can save $20 on $100 with code VSSAVINGS. They arrived less than two days apart, and one doesn't appear to be a correction or update on the other. It's just two entirely different sales, with the same stipulations and the same expiration date. Weird! Why would you use the code to get 15% off when you have one for 20% off?? Anyhow, other deals include $30 off $150 and $75 off $250 -- not valid on Ugg or Frye boots (same on both emails). Style Bard faves are these crazy-fun Betsey Johnson 'Cut-Out Wedge Sandals'--very apt for this crazy-ass deal. Victoria's Secret includes a few other funky wedges and cut-out heels as well, but these are the zaniest. And, um. If I get them, I'll be using the VSSAVINGS code. I just don't see why you wouldn't. So, so strange.


Expires: March 11th, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Day for Free Shipping on Saks Fifth Avenue Shoes

Today is the last day to receive Free Shipping on orders over $200 from Saks Fifth Avenue. Pick out your favorite designer shoes and add them to your cart, using promo code SPRING9 at checkout. Style Bard faves are these off-the-wall Miu Miu 'Sandali' slides, covered in sequins and sure to be a hit at any social event. The oil-slick rainbow of colors is one way to imitate the creative patterns and textures you'll be seeing on shoes this Spring. And in case you couldn't tell from the Prada-based brand, yes, they're well over your qualifying $200 price mark. But so pretty!


Expires: Midnight, March 9th, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last Day for Free Shipping from Aldo Shoes

Stock up on new shoes from Aldo and receive Free Shipping on your entire order. Just use code SPING09FS when you go to check out. Spring styles have arrived, so be sure to check out the new arrivals section with on-trend offerings like these 'Flosier' high heel sandals in two color options. Like the print? Be sure to also check out the 'Lagatta' patterned pumps in the same style.


Expires: Midnight, March 8th, 2009