Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Day for Free Shipping from Aldo!

Today is the last day for Free Shipping from Aldo (which I personally think they should feature at all times to stand up to competition from the likes of Zappos, 6PM and Endless). So if you're being a bad girl and eyeing some full-priced, new arrival shoes, such as Style Bard faves, the beguiling 'Shrewsberry' sandals in Cognac (a mix-breed of styles such as...gladiator? Victorian? roller skate?), then at least you can justify the expense by saying, "Hey...if I buy them today at least the shipping is free!" That's one way to save a few bucks and still have the hottest, freshest must-have looks on your feet the minute the weather warms up. East Coasters (my peeps) have until 3am, while those in the Pacific time zone only have until midnight to shop.

Expires: March 29th, 2009

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