Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Day--Free Shipping from PacSun

It's the last day to get your free shipping from PacSun! As you know from yesterday's post, sandals are currently 30% off, so if you're going to grab a shirt or a new suit, why not throw in a great sandal along with it? Then the whole order gets shipped together, free. I love these Quiksilver 'Slater' sandals for men, because a splash of white in the right place always gives an outfit--plus most skin tones--a lot of lift. But they don't dominate the shoe, nor require any white in the outfit to "match" or "pull it out." Shop before the offer expires at the end of today.

Expires: Today! July 31st, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30% Off Beach Sandals - PacSun

Hey! 30% off beach sandals while there's still time to wear them--now isn't that nice? I mean, some crazy schools like my sister's start in two weeks, but that's still plenty of time to hit the shore. And if you're in college, not in high school, you can wear these babies to class. Oh, come on. We both know you will. At least until late October! With a hoodie, no less. Anyway, my faves are these kicky rainbow 'Bento' sandals by Roxy, but you can check out others on sale in every color and style.

Expires: Limited Time

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to School Shoe Sale - 40% Off

If I know young boys these days, it is all about Spiderman. I guess Dark Knight is a liiittle over their heads. At the Payless back-to-school sale, these are just one of many many marked-down pairs of shoes for boys and girls to wear back to school--up to 40% off. Heck, if you tell them they're for that special first day, they might even start looking forward to it! Who knows. It's that time of year, so save now on your child's new shoes for a great year.

Expires: August 18th, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Instant $5 Off at Payless

I truly wish that I could sample and preview every shoe that I recommend for you. I have to rely on knowing the store or designer. But this time, I can actually say that I *do* own these shoes. In white actually, which are no longer available. They're definitely, dare I say it, comfortable heels. I advise buying half a size up, or maybe even trying wide width, which they're available in. For only $17.99, a bearable black patent heel is a real bargain, and my sister is going to get them in black. And now when you spend $60 at Payless, you get an instant $5 rebate (use code PSS5OFF60), PLUS Free Shipping (no code necessary).

Free Shipping on Orders Over $50

Code: PSS5OFF60

Expires: August 18th, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last Day - 15% Off at Shoemania!

Expires: today!

*Shoes in Review* July 20th-26th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Oopsies! - No Expiration


Fall Styles & Free Shipping from Aldo Shoes - Expired July 26th, 2008


Reminder: 15% Off Ending Soon - Expiring This Week July 31st, 2007


Sale Summer Sandals - Free Shipping - No Expiration


Back to School Sale - Expires Limited Time


*Deal of the Week* New York & Companys Sale - While Supplies Last

Have a great weekend! Go see some of the great movies out -- like Dark Knight. You'll like Dark Knight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

*Deal of the Week* New York & Company Sale

Hey, I was just looking at samples from the new line of New York & Company, but that's not what we're here to talk about today! It just so happens that they've also got great shoes on sale right now for the end of the summer. Let's play a game: guess how much these wedges are. Have a number in your head? Wrong! They're now only $17.46--what a bargain, right? And this is just one of several cute pairs in the same price range, so check them out while supplies last.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to School Sale

Ugh, I am sooo glad I'm not in school anymore. Didn't you hate those days when you're just settling in to summer and suddenly all these ads pop up for Back to School sales, reminding you of the inevitable return to the classroom? Well if you're heading back in a month or so, I'm sorry to be doing this so soon but hey -- *I* didn't make the sale! I'm just an innocent bystander. Anyway, the part where you buy new back to school shoes is the -least- painful part of going back, IMHO. So let's ease into it with 30-70% off from 6PM, such as these Dark Pink Suede Moccasions - 'Jenny' by Nine West Kids, now 44% off. And there are more great choices where this comes from--already school-dress-code approved!

Free Standard Shipping on Orders Over $100 - Flat Rate Shipping $6.95.

Expires: Limited Time

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sale Summer Sandals - Free Shipping

So now's the time of year when you might still need some new sandals to get you through until about October (depending on your region) but since half the summer (or more) is gone, you don't want to spend a lot of dough. Great! How about some ultra-comfortable sandals from Aerosole that can be dressed up or down? Here we have 'Wholesome' in White (you've still got a month even if you're a traditionalist - and they come in Black and Brown as well after that!) for almost 50% off the original price, at Shoebuy. There was also a great pair of Orange espadrilles by Grasshoppers, it was really hard to choose but these were more on sale. There's essentially something for everyone's tastes for extremely low prices for a limited time. Seen here? Less than $30.

Always Free Shipping - Free Returns

Expires: No Expiration

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reminder: 15% Off Ending Soon

Nothing, absolutely nothing, says Fall is coming like the new arrivals of Frye boots in the stores. I myself don't own a pair, and therefore covet the brand like mad, and have always wanted something just like these here. Sexy and practical, a blend of cowboy and femininity. I can just see these over bright blue tights (maybe that's just me) and paired with a little frock and a nice sweater. And because the sale is still on, you can now get them (or any other shoes of your choice) for 15% off. This is your reminder that the sale ends when July does, so if you're already looking at cold-weather styles, if you're planning ahead, now is the time to buy. Use code JULYSAVE at checkout for 15% off your order.

Always Free Shipping


Expires: July 31st, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fall Styles & Free Shipping from Aldo Shoes

What I love most about these 'Rashed' semi-boots is that I can just see them with some sexy or colorful tights underneath, making a statement in chillier days. I can see the cute peeptoe winking from beneath the cuffs of long pants, and I can see them with a dress. They're new from Aldo as part of the Fall Preview, and you can see some ideas of what's coming next season--and shop them with Free Shipping for a limited time. Just use code FALL08PREVIEW when you checkout and your whole order is shipped for free. So take a peek and take advantage while this deal lasts.

Free Shipping with Code


Expires: July 26th, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ooops, maybe it was the Anniversary Sale and not the Semi-Annual Sale happening at Nordstrom. My bad! Still; go check out great deals such as:

Purple suede for work or play. 'Salem' by Me Too, currently less than $60.

Prices go up Monday, August 4th. Also check out Free Shipping on Orders Over $200.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

*Shoes in Review* July 13th-19th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Shoemania Sale! $15 Off + Free Shipping - Expires July 27th, 2008


Instant Rebate - $5 Off at Payless - Expires August 18th, 2008


Summer Sale at Payless - Expires July 28th, 2008


Victoria's Secret Wedges on Sale - While Supplies Last


Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale - Expires Very Limited Time


*Deal of the Week* Save $25 at PacSun - Expires August 9th, 2008

Have a great weekend, guys!

Friday, July 18, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Save $25 at PacSun

Walk like a pirate in these 'Captain Jack' sandals for men by O'Neill. And then you can add a little more swagger to your step, knowing that you've just instantly reduced your next shopping order at PacSun by $25. Yup- just shop now, get $25 off your next order. Sounds good, right? I know I have a lot of savvy male readers who know a deal that's too good to pass up when they see it. (Not that women don't receive the same great deal.) Spend $50 and you instantly qualify. Your discount is received the next time you shop between 08/10 and 09/01. And guess what? The $50 you spend to qualify also gets you free shipping.

Free Shipping Over $50, $5 Flat Rate Shipping

Expires: August 9th, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face: Nordstrom's is my favorite store. Call me a blasphemer, but more than Macy's, more than Sak's, Nordstrom has always come through for me with beautiful shoes and amazing clothes. And I can (generally) afford them. Some of my favorite soles are from Nordstrom, my favorite jeans are, too. And I get the best of my Nordstrom collection during the Semi-Annual sale, when everything gets marked down and my poor store gets choked with crazy ladies angling for a hot deal. And guess what? It's that time again. So just a little head's up---the madness begins this Friday, July 18th. I will be there; will I see you there? And more importantly, will these L.A.M.B. 'Goldy' sandals be marked down, or in my size??? (And if so, will I be able to get them on??)

Expires: Very Limited Time

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Victoria's Secret Wedges on Sale

Is it just me, or do the Victoria's Secret sales seem to come and go, but you're always just missing them? I feel like I hear about it one day, and by the time I go to search around for a bra or something (let's be honest: shoes) the sale is over. Unless it's bathing suits---those seem to be perpertually on sale this time of year. But I'm gonna go ahead and defy the rules: here are some on-sale wedges that you can get right now, sale dates be damned. I feel like I've been living in a box or something, since I have been looking for gold wedges ALL SUMMER, and they've been right here staring me in the face. But that's all right, because now they're only $35! Now my only problem is that I like the Coral shade too... and they're also sold in Brown (pictured), and Black (not shown). What is a girl to do? There's always too much or none of a good thing, so it seems.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Sale at Payless

This is a rough estimate, but I would say that most recurring keywords leading folks to the site have to do with Payless. That's just off the top of my head, I'm not really the "run stat studies" type of blogger. But, why not give the people what they want, am I right? How else are you going to find out about flats and wedges for up to 50% off, starting at $9.99? I've chosen the 'Justina' sandal wedges as an example simply because, well, my sister just bought them. And she loves them. She wore them out to a dressy occasion and no one would have guessed that she bought the tri-metallic sandals for only $14.99. I couldn't even really tease her because hey, they looked great and they were a steal. Regularly $19.99, get them before the price goes back up for a great shoe to take you through the rest of summer.

Expires: July 28th, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Instant Rebate - $5 Off at Payless

Now you'll instantly save $5 off your Payless order over $60 by simply entering code PSS5OFF60 when you go to check out. You can shop for your favorites from the store, or choose from a wide selection that are ONLY available on the site. How about these great casual shoes for women, 'Melina' skimmers by guest designer Lela Rose. Right now? They're only $17.99 -- which leaves plenty of shopping left to justify that 60 --no, 55--- dollar limit, so go browse and pick out a purse and some other great accessories to go with your new "Weekend Sailor" look.

Code: PSS5OFF60

Expires: August 18th, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shoemania Sale! $15 Off + Free Shipping

Sale excludes: Crocs, ECCO, Fitflop, Jeffery Campbell, MBT, Mephisto, Merrell, Nike, Reef & Thierry Rabotin

Always Free Shipping from Shoemania

Also, check out the Shoemania blog: Shoenista @ Your Service

Saturday, July 12, 2008

*Shoes in Review* July 6th-12th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Last Day to Save 40% Off Shoes - Expired July 6th, 2008



New - Marshall's Shoe Megastore - No Expiration


Endless Boots - 40% Off + Free Shipping - While Supplies Last


New Brand - Limited Quantities - Low Prices - While Supplies Last


*Deal of the Week* Up to 50% Off Aldo Shoes - While Supplies Last

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend with family and close friends, as I am.

Friday, July 11, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Up to 50% Off Aldo Shoes

I just love these shoes! And you've gotta love the deal on them. A ton of shoes have been marked down at Aldo, so those shoes you've been eyeing in the mall might now be up to 50% off their original price. And that's a great deal, especially when you discover gems like these, already $40 off. Sexy t-strap sandals with a pop of color and a heap of personality. That's why they're this week's Deal of the Week. Check out the discounted shoes and snap 'em up in your size before they sell out.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Brand - Limited Quantities - Low Prices

I hate to overload the blog with all of the same thing -- but I'll stop blogging about 6PM when they stop offering sales and shoes that catch my eye. I tried not to be intrigued by Type Z (a brand I haven't ever seen or heard of!) but when I read that they were deeply discounted and in limited supply, I had to check it out. While they have shoes for men and women, it was the men's footwear that caught my eye. Check out these cool, youthful 'Conner' loafers. Shown in summer-friendly Ice, but also available in Brown and Camel colors. Value? $100.00. Current cost? $37.18. That's 63% off! Get these and other Type Z shoes while supplies last.

Free Shipping on Orders $100+

Expires: While Supplies Last

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Endless Boots - 40% Off + Free Overnight Shipping

Too early in the year to be buying boots, you say? Well, don't come complaining to the Style Bard when you can't find these great prices in three months, when the days cool off and boots are a hot commodity. This is actually the last part of 2008 when you're going to be able to find amazing deals on boots of every kind -- and Endless has a great selection, along with sandals, flats, heels and more, now on sale for up to 40% off. And, as always, your shoes are going to arrive --- tomorrow! For free. So if you like these Ecco 'Bristol Boots' or might want to see what else is on sale, check it out while supplies last.

Free OVERNIGHT Shipping - Free Returns

Expires: While Supplies Last

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New - Marshalls Shoe Megastore

Have you heard about the new Marshalls Shoe Megastore yet? I heard about it through various promotions online, and my local paper covered it (because apparently they understand what's important news to the Style Bard). So, being that I'm all about shoes, I thought I'd do a little write-up of my own. Especially considering that my new favorite everyday shoes came from there.

The same weekend the newspaper article came out, I had the near-coincidental pleasure of running all over town to not one, not two, but three Marshalls locations by my house because I needed to find shoes for two very different purposes. One, new shoes for work, and two, dressier sandals for those not-quite-flip-flop not-quite-heels occasions. (You ladies know what I mean.) I designated Marshalls as the place to go, since I'd heard so much about their renovations and the newly-expanded selection in the shoe department. I had to see it for myself. (Fun fact: I started heavily relying on Marshalls in my college years, when I hardly had two coins to rub together, yet couldn't walk through Downtown Crossing without stopping by their Clearance rack. Shout out to Boston readers!)

So, I do have a bit of a feel for what's new to Marshalls' shoes.

As readers of Style Bard Shoes know, I'm on the lookout for some green (and maybe orange!) shoes right now. I was also looking for some new office-appropriate shoes that I could also wear to a party (being held on the night of the afternoon I went to Marshalls).

See, there was this marketing event downtown, and due to a recent move, my items were still in boxes on their way down the coast to me. So I needed new shoes for this last-minute event, fast! But when I got there I discovered that while you could generally run into Marshalls and grab shoes in the past, this new way causes you to slow down and browse and spend time considering shoes that don't even exist in your size. A lot of stooping and rummaging boxes, for naught. I did, in the end, wind up running late to my party BUT I discovered a pair in the eleventh hour. Franco Sarto "Feline" patent peep-toe wedges:

Which were perfect with my dress, despite the fact that I was looking for a colorful shoe when I went into Marshalls. And not only that, but they're soooo extraordinarily comfortable, and I wear them all the time now. They're definitely one of my new favorites.

So much do I love these shoes, in fact, that I want to buy them in Avocado Green, which I also saw in Marshalls... but not in my size. I paid $40 for these shoes. Now? I can only find them online for about $93. Go ahead! See for yourself! So while I'm so happy at the bargain I got at Marshalls, I'm very sad because now I really, really want those patent green wedges, too. (I may be making some calls to other local Marshalls to see what can be done about this. No way am I paying almost $100 when I know I can get them for less at Marshalls!! Heresy.)

Later visits to Marshalls led me not to Avocado Franco Sarto wedges, but to sparkley shiny gold thong sandals that make me very happy and fulfill my second shoe goal (if you can remember back that far). All in all, I think my shopping experince was very fruitful -- and my two very pleasing new shoes? The wedges AND sandals were like, $52 all together. Now that is a fantastic deal -- I can't even buy the one pair alone anywhere else for almost twice that much money!

Check out more about it on the original Style Bard.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last Day to Save 40% Off Shoes!

Take an additional 40% off Clearance, where you'll already find brand names you love on sale for great prices. Today is the last day, so don't wake up tomorrow morning kicking yourself that you didn't save almost half off those shoes you've been eyeing since they were selling for full price at Macy's. Style & Co.'s Black and White 'Novella' Peep-Toe Wedge is now only $25.72!

Free Shipping on Orders over $100 with Code: FIREWORKS (Also Expiring July 6th, 2008)

Expires: July 6th, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

*Shoes in Review* June 29th - July 5th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Style Bard is out of town. (Don't worry, there's an extra deal on Friday to make up for it!)


Sannibel from Piperlime - Expires Limited Time


New Markdowns at Shopbop - Expires While Supplies Last


20% Off Markdowns at Vivre - Expires While Supplies Last


4th of July Sale - 75% Off - Expiring This Week - Monday, July 6th, 2008


4th of July Shoes for Him - Expiring This Week - July 6th, 2008

*Deal of the Week* 4th of July Sale at - Expiring This Week - July 7th, 2008

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2008

*Deal of the Week* 4th of July Sale at

Take an additional 20% off all clearance items at this holiday weekend! Simply enter code HEAT08 at checkout. You pick the shoes. You save. No excluded brands. Now, because the Sale section already cuts prices by up to 60% off, taking an additional 20% off means that you can save BIG. It's a steal, really. So check out the huge selection at this weekend! (Pictured: Simone by Mona Spana. Not your typical 4th of July Shoe - but who says you have to be typical?? Celebrate your freedom of expression! 50% Off before your 20% reduction.)

Code: HEAT08

Expires: July 7th, 2008

4th of July Shoes for Him

Yesterday we covered women's sandals for the 4th, so that you can look very festive as you sit on your blanket on the grass in the park, waiting for the sky to light up. But what is he going to wear? How about these great Polo by Ralph Lauren sneakers in red, white and blue? They're very stylish, perfect with jeans, and a familiar brand name. Now only $39.99 at Macy's, where you can find plenty of outrageous shoe savings for Independence Day.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 with code FIREWORKS

Expires: After the 4th of July Weekend

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July Sale - 75% Off

For a brand from the UK, it certainly seems like Irregular Choice has designed shoes for America's Independence Day doesn't it? These are the ideal 4th of July shoes, with red, white & blue flair, a nice summery espadrille style and a touch of femininity. They beg to be taken on a picnic! This is one of Style Bard's favorite brands, and these shoes are now 50% off at 6pm! You can save up to 75% off all your favorite brands.

Flat Rate Shipping $6.95
Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Expires: End of the 4th of July Weekend

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

20% Off Markdowns at Vivre!

Though they offer a diverse range, Vivre is often a little pricey for my budget. However, that doesn't mean I don't love to browse through their beautiful items, especially when there are great sales! I'm definitely in the market for a great pair of flats, and while the sale has plenty of options, naturally I found myself drawn to these refined black and white Ribbon Pumps by Sergio Rossi. They're just so effortless, so classic! Of course, just when I am looking for flats, colorful shoes and metallics, I fall for black and white pumps. Isn't that the way it always is? Find your unexpected favorites and save an additional 20% with code VEXTRA20 while this sale lasts.

Code: VEXTRA20

Expires: Limited Time