Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Victoria's Secret Wedges on Sale

Is it just me, or do the Victoria's Secret sales seem to come and go, but you're always just missing them? I feel like I hear about it one day, and by the time I go to search around for a bra or something (let's be honest: shoes) the sale is over. Unless it's bathing suits---those seem to be perpertually on sale this time of year. But I'm gonna go ahead and defy the rules: here are some on-sale wedges that you can get right now, sale dates be damned. I feel like I've been living in a box or something, since I have been looking for gold wedges ALL SUMMER, and they've been right here staring me in the face. But that's all right, because now they're only $35! Now my only problem is that I like the Coral shade too... and they're also sold in Brown (pictured), and Black (not shown). What is a girl to do? There's always too much or none of a good thing, so it seems.

Expires: While Supplies Last


Crispy Banana said...

hmmm...Anyone have any insight regarding the comfort level of these shoes? I heard they tend to be killers... but they do make quite a few cute pairs I'd like to own

The Style Bard said...

To clarify, are you looking for information on VS shoes, wedges, or something else in particular?

I'd be happy to help.