Wednesday, April 30, 2008

$30 Off from Bluefly

For the month of May, Bluefly is offering $30 off of orders totaling a minimum of $150. When I think of spending $150 on shoes, I think Prada. These satin enamel sandals are the epitome of the 2008 aesthetic, with the ornate heels and floral detailing. These beautiful shoes are now 20% off on Bluefly and in stock. Use code AFF30 at checkout for your instant rebate.

Flat Rate Shipping - always $7.95 on your whole order.

Code: AFF30

Expires: May 31st, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free Shipping from 6PM

Now when you spend a minimum of $100 at, you'll be able to take advantage of Free Standard Shipping. I don't personally own any Faryl Robin shoes, but I've seen many designs by them that catch my eye, and I've heard great things about comfort and fit, so I don't have any problem recommending these distinct green wedges called 'Rosa.' It appears that the bright pop of color offered by the wooden beads can be added or detracted according to your outfit - and if there's one thing I love, it's a versatile shoe. With or without the decoration, these shoes will add color and character to any casual outfit this summer.

No Codes Necessary.

Expires: May 2nd, 2008

Save up to $20 on

Now you can save $5-$20 on your choice of shoes from Juse enter the code MAY50 to save $5 on any order of $50 or more, or enter code MAY100 to save $20 off any order of $100 or more. There's a great variety of new sandals available in the New Arrivals section, including a lot of metallics and some animal print, which should be prevalent this season. We already know I love Bandolinos, but these 'Callout' lovelies really did call out to me, and might soon be joining my collection. A new pair of basic sandals that convert from daywear to evening is always necessary when the weather warms up. I love the unique beading texture and design.

Free Shipping & Returns.

Code: MAY50 or MAY100

Expires: May 16th, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mad About Shoes Sale at Sears

Check out Sears's Mad About Shoes sale event! All shoes are now on sale with various discounts, so no matter what you're shopping for this season, you're going to save. In my experience, shoes from Sears can be very hit or miss in terms of quality and appeal, but I suggest taking a look at their sale sandals like these Classic Elements 'Bonnie' thongs. Sandals are usually cheap and interchangeable enough to buy just for one season, wear them to death and then retire come fall. These are my faves, available in Black, Red or White.

Excludes TKS, Great Price items, and closeouts.

Expires: May 03, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Shoes!

I didn't intend to go shoe shopping this weekend... my purposes at the mall were purely practical (I swear) as I went to pay my bills at Macy's and Victoria's Secret and to make a few returns. But how does one pass a DSW without checking out the clearance racks?? It would be remiss of me to be so lazy when I clearly owe you, my readers, absolute shoe sale diligence. Right? Right. Besides, they've got those fun sale stickers with color coding to tell you how much you're going to save - 30%, 40%, 50% or 70%!

Guess which these were:

You bet. A glorious 70% off the sticker price, which was already a markdown, for the grand total of $14.98. My friends, when I tell you that I am the expert on finding true shoe steals, you've just gotta believe me.

I was immediately excited to spot these (even before I noted the green sticker that announced them to be 70% off) because three items on my shoe wardrobe checklist were purple shoes, green shoes and yellow shoes. So now I can cross one of those off! I also found great low-heeled patent yellow pumps that I wanted, but they didn't have them in my size. Bummer. But I guess I can't ask for too much from one quick DSW walk-through.

I really like my shoes to be bold, especially with a bright pop of color. Some people are quizzical when they see my array of colorful shoes, but I really think that women should generally be more open-minded to bright shoes. I treat colorful monochrome shoes as neutrals. What can I wear purple heels with? Brown, pink, blue, green, yellow. What can't I wear purple heels with, I ask you. I probably wouldn't go for overkill by matching them with anything; I'm not heading out to buy a purple cardigan. I think they stand on their own as a complimentary color that goes with most other hues. I wouldn't have minded if they were even brighter, in fact. But the sheen makes up for that.

Another reason I'm so pleased by this purchase was because I really love Bandolino shoes, especially for work. They're just comfortable, without being a "comfort" brand like Naturalizer. I find that I can operate for many hours in Bandolinos without a pinch of discomfort. I'm completely at ease in them so far, though these babies stack a nice 3" of stiletto. I have high hopes for their lasting comfort, no pun intended.

Here they are in action:

Now, who wants to take bets that my Monday work outfit will somehow accomodate purple pumps? I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

*Shoes in Review* April 20th-26th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Macy's .99 Cent Shipping - Expired

BOGO from Macy's - Expiring This Week! April 27th, 2008


Quelle Horreur! - No Expiration


Piperlime Secret Sale! - Expiring This Week! April 27th


Free Shipping on Men's Bestsellers - Limited Time


Shoe News - No Expiration


Deal of the Week - Old Navy Sale - Continuing through May 1st, 2008

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 25, 2008

*Deal of the Week* - Old Navy Sale

Old Navy's got a great "Full On" Sale going right now with up to 50% off select apparel and accessories. I love the Canvas Wedge that's now on sale; they're perfect for summer with their tropical tone and retro stacked wooden wedge. Available in Red, Natural, Brown, and Black for only $19.99. Be sure to also check out the printed fabric flats starting at $8.99!

$5 Flat Rate Shipping

Expires: May 1st, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shoes News

Here are some interesting thoughts/links:

The science of footwear. I'm the patron saint of comfy sensible shoes -- I'm known for it among my female friends, in fact (who are not always complimentary about my workmanlike choices) -- but that doesn't mean I can't branch out once in awhile and be truly stylin'. Who says women can't be smart, serious, 100% professional, and still totally rock a pair of hot pink pumps if they want to? (Or asphalt-stomping Doc Martens, if that's your preference. To each his/her own.)
[ . . . ]
The upshot is, be smart about your choices, but wear the styles you like, whether it be sexy stilettos, ballet flats, platform wedges, comfy Tevas, cowboy boots, or anything in between. After all, ever since humans began wearing shoes, the accessory has been as much about status and fashion, as about practicality and comfort.
[ . . . ]
Or perhaps, as Dawn once said in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's just because "Everyone loves a slender ankle."

How do we take feminist bloggers seriously if they post about shoes? Occasionally, I get emails from men who tell me (rather dubiously) that they really want to get on board with the whole feminism thing, but they really wish I'd stop blogging about shoes, or my marriage, or too many clasps on my trousers. I have to be serious, they tell me, if I want to be taken seriously.
[ . . . ]
Making the personal public and political is serious business. Because women's stories aren't told, it's incumbent upon female feminists to tell their own stories, to fill that void, to be unrepentant and loquacious raconteurs every chance we get, to talk about our bodies, our struggles, our triumphs, our needs, our lives in every aspect. It's our obligation to create a cacophony with our personal narratives, until there is a constant din that translates into equality, into balance.

*found on Bitch PhD, who first posted these gorgeous Pucci sandals which are now 40% off at Zappos. (That gorgeous pattern, btw? "Geranium Marine Satin." Love.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Free Shipping on Men's Bestsellers

I'm in love, in love, in love with these men's shoes and sandals. Pikolinos are the topselling men's sandals from The Walking Company right now, and it's clear why. These are sexy, stylish, effortless... I would be wowed to come across a man in any of these attractive shoes- especially the Fuencarral in Cueno (also available in Black and Brandy). And he can't complain- these are slip-ons, comfortable, and with European quality build, they're going to last a very long time. Also available in Women's styles.

Free Shipping!

Expires: Limited Time

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Piperlime Secret Sale!

Boy, Piperlime sure is bad at keeping secrets! And so am I. Right now you can take an additional 15% off their Final Sale shoes, which are already up to 70% off! Just use code TOPSECRET at checkout. There are so many steals right now, like these beautiful 'Fanci' pumps by Exchange by Charles David. And while I know it's just warming up outside and you're anxious to break out your summer shoes, I have to advise you that this is a fabulous sale for boots!

Free Shipping. No Returns or Exchanges.


Expires: April 27th, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Quelle Horreur!

Dyna, by Stuart Weitzman @ Bluefly

Even with the most atrocious styles, I can usually get behind the idea that those shoes were intended for someone else, and will look good on that person, and I accept it. After all, I sometimes have a controversial taste in shoes myself. However, I cannot manage to justify these. First of all -- Stuart Weitzman, I expect far more from you! I expect gilded strappy sandals, not orthopedics! The bandage strap definitely has its place in the annals of shoe trends, but these 'Dyna' (as in, someone's in the kitchen with...?) "wedges" just read: Granny. And even my grandmother dressed better than this. So save the elastic for the med peds, Stuart.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

BOGO from Macy's!

It's not secret that the Style Bard loves some BOGO shopping action! Macy's is now offering Buy One, Get the Second Pair 1/2 Off on all of their shoes! The second pair just has to be equal or lesser value, naturally. But this is still an amazing deal for shoelovers, since it's such a great excuse to get two new pairs! I would use one on something practical, like a comfortable flat, and then for the second, I'd do something bold and trendy like these Sam Edleman 'Gilda' gladiator sandals! I love the intricate look and the python print, and I also love that they're available in white, black, or snazzy orange!

Can be combined with .99 Cent Shipping for a limited time!

Expires: April 27th, 2008

Macy's .99 Cent Shipping

Now you can save big on shipping from Macy's. For all Clearance accessories, you can have your order shipped for under a dollar by using the code 99CENTS at checkout. There's a great selection of spring items on clearance, and the prices are marked down to some exceptional steals! I love these Arturo Chiang 'Katia' garden shoes with the chic blue covered wedge. I think they're both girly and a strong statement, and can be combined amazingly with denim. Originally $98.00, they're now only $49! So get them while your size remains in stock.

Code: 99CENTS

Can be combined with BOGO Shoes.

Expires: April 23rd, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

*Shoes in Review* April 13th-19th

Here's a quick review of the previous week's posts, recapping what's in effect this week and what's expired.


Free Shipping from Hot Topic - Continuing through April

BOGO & Other Payless Deals - Through May 5th, 2008



Shoe Story - Dominique - No Expiration


Up to 70% Off at Aldo - While Supplies Last

Special Offer from Victoria's Secret - Expiring This Week! April 24th, 2008


35 Spot from Finish Line - Through June 1st, 2008


Deal of the Week - Nine West Pumps - While Supplies Last

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2008

*Deal of the Week* - Nine West Pumps

Every woman needs one pair of black leather pointy-toed medium-heeled pumps. I had this dawning realization myself last summer, and finally bought a pair. I wear them all the time! They dress up jeans to go out, they go with my dresses and skirts, and I wear them frequently to work. They're the perfect chameleon shoe. Now you can get a great pair from Amazon, the 'Nuncio' by Nine West. They're also available in Natural, Red Patent, Gold, Navy, and other colors. Prices start at just $34.48 - making them this week's Deal of the Week.

Free Super Saver Shipping. See site for details.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, April 17, 2008

35 Spot from Finish Line

From what I recall, this is the time of year when all a kid can think about is breaking free of the classroom and bolting outside to play, run, bike, etc. Finish Line has a great section called 35 Spot, which is pages of sneakers for young boys and girls - and they're all only $35. Despite the fact that I'm not particularly a sneaker fan myself, and though I tend to shy from squared-off toes, I have to admit there's something striking and bold about these red and black Goodyear Street sneakers by Adidas. These are marked down 25% for a limited time, but check out the whole selection with choices from New Balance, Puma, Nike and other favorites.

Expires: June 1st, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Offer from Victoria's Secret

Style Bard covered the increasingly popular and publicized FitFlops last year, but now they're not only available at Bath & Bodyworks, but at Victoria's Secret as well. This is great news for those of us with our "Angel" cards, am I right? Especially now that Victoria's Secret has a great code deal available for a limited time.

From the VS site:
Get a workout while you walk. Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, FitFlops burn calories and tone legs with every step. From running errands to working around your house, it's finally easier to stay in shape and multitask your fitness with a sexy, sporty look.
(Not to mention they're definitely a more attractive and practical alternative to Crocs!)

Use the code TRENDSVS to take: $15 Off a $100 Order / $30 Off a $150 Order / $75 Off a $250 Order.


Expires: April 24th, 2008

Up to 70% Off at Aldo

You didn't think I'd really let it get warm outside without giving you at least one affordable architectural sandal, did you? No way! So here it is: the 'Vieta' sandal from Aldo, in Camel. This comes from their wonderful Sale section (much beloved by the Style Bard) where shoes are up to 70% off. Originally $90.00, these are now only $59.95 and spot-on for this season's funky heel trend. If you'd prefer them in Dark Brown or Black, they're available for $64.98. Plus -- take 15% Off your order when you sign up for the Aldo newsletter and get your code!

Free Shipping on All Orders

Expires: While Supplies Last

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shoe Story - Dominique

Dominique by Pour La Victoire @

Dominique is 5'1" and she works in demure pumps as one of six secretaries for a boss she almost never sees face-to-face. Including her commute to work and lunch breaks, she works 60 hours a week, and is paid for 40. Dominique comes to work every day with a smile on her face, and never complains about her job. On the weekends, Dominique wears 4" heels, exclusively. She prefers black; she prefers patent. Dominique never stays indoors on the weekends if she can help it. She lunches with her girlfriends, brings her son and his friends to softball in her massive SUV, and regularly employs a babysitter while she dances tango with her husband on Saturday night.

Save $20 on Eco-Green Shoes at Endless

Now you can save $20 automatically when you buy $100 of "green" eco-friendly shoes. Endless has an assortment of men's sandals for casualwear or fitness lovers. They also have sneakers and other comfort shoes made out of 100% natural materials. I'd assign automatic personality points to any guy in these fun, graphic 'Toe Foo' Men's Sandals by Simple. Also available in Tan and Black.

From the site: "[Toe Foo] utilizes earth-friendly organic cotton and water-based adhesives in a cozily cushioned design featuring a psychedelic doodle print by surfboarding, art-making wunderkind Tyler Warren--all for a green, serene, and ready-to-be-seen style."

No code necessary for this deal.

Free Overnight Shipping - All Orders

Expires: Limited Time

Sunday, April 13, 2008

BOGO & Other Great Payless Deals

Okay, so we have a few great deals going on simultaneously at Payless right now. First of all, it's BOGO time! While this sale lasts, when you buy any item, you're going to be able to take 1/2 off any second item of equal or lesser value.

And then through 05/05/08, you can get Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more! Both of these are great reasons to bulk up your spring looks and buy more than one pair. If your order is less than $50 and you don't want to pay for shipping, simply select one of their store locations by you and have your shoes shipped to the store- for free! No codes, no minimums.

Now those are great reasons to shop Payless, as well as designer brands Abaete, Alice & Olivia, Champion, and American Eagle. Look for Online Exclusives and Wide Widths categories as well. Shown: American Eagle 'Liddy' Wedge in Brown - also available in White.

Expires: May 5th, 2008

Free Shipping from Hot Topic

For the punk or rocker in your life, Hot Topic is the place for spot-on accessories. I have several reasons to keep my eye on the store -- for teenager readers, trendy skull accessories, Halloween, and really affordable women's flats! It's always worth it to look at a brand with very particular point of view, because you may be pleasantly surprised by your creative finds. Right now when you spend $75, you'll get free shipping on your whole order! I just love these Punkrose Zebra High Tops - they've got so much expression, and I can think of a few people in my life who'd absolutely adore them. What about you?

Expires: End of April, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

On the Right Track

With redesigns and competitions (and a new job on my part) it's been pretty nuts around here -- and more than a little irregular. However! I've just finished giving the original Style Bard a facelift, just as I recently did over here. So! Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Everything will be back on track on both sites starting tomorrow. Better than ever!

Monday, April 7, 2008

3 Days Left!

There are only 3 days left to vote for the Glam Network Awards! Please take a moment to vote for me in the following categories. You can vote once a day through April 10th.

Glam Network - Shopping

Glam Network - Fashion

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Up to 75% Off from! is an amazing shoe site spun off of my favorite, Zappos. 6pm offers the same user-friendly template, where you can find the shoes you're looking for by Brand, Size, Price, Color, etc. and everything your search returns is going to be up to 75% off. I like the way that these Hype Blast wedges play with trends. They have the floral pattern that are so prominent right now, but they're subtle enough that the shoe works as a neutral. There's a cute feminine bow that's also done in a delicate way, not overpowering the rest of the shoe's complex design. Now they're almost half off! Check them out in Sable or Black.

$6.95 Flat Rate Shipping on your whole order.

Expires: No Expiration

New Shoe Designers at Shopbop

Shopbop has some new up-and-coming designers on their shoe roster: Courtney Crawford, LD Tuttle, L'Autre Chose Shoes, Rachel Comey, and my favorite, Leopoldo Giordano. It has just the pretentious, Italian ring to it that you expect from a high-end shoe line! Just kidding. But I do love so many of their chic-with-a-twist shoes, and I can't wait to see more from them. Right now, these Patent Pointy Flats are on sale for more then 50% Off! They're perfect for every woman's working wardrobe; I especially love how they can be worn with black or brown. I personally like my flats with a bit of a pointed toe to counter for the lack of height. But be sure to take a look at all of the wares by these noteworthy shoe designers!

Free Ground Shipping.

Expires: While Supplies Last

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's New

Thanks for bearing with me. Here are some of the changes I've made to the site:

--- It's white now. (In case... you missed that.) I like it! Do you?

--- I've moved the ads around a bit to make them less obstructive and to make the sidebar more streamlined.

(I don't endorse anything that I don't find worthy. In the case of shoe sales, I don't take payments for the promotion of the sale, but I will cover it even if it's somewhere I've never shopped. My purpose is to inform you of the chance to save money, not to judge or endorse the site itself. I do try to only suggest shoes I personally find tasteful, but I have to be fair. That's why I'll tell you when Crocs are on sale, but then later veto the worship at the altar of the Croc.)

If you're interested in advertising, just email me.

--- Speaking of the sidebar, I've made a new links category: Popular Searches. I've taken some of the most popular queries and linked you directly to those tags - such as Sale, Sandals, Mens Footwear, etc. Check it out. Let me know if there's another category I should add to make your browsing easier.

If you love shoes and want to be my new friend and swap links (or stay up all night on the phone and talk about boys), email me.

--- I'm adding a few new categories, because it's just more fun for me if this site is more than just sales, sales, sales. Not that I'll post about sales any less, never fear. So far I'm adding Quelle Horreur! and Shoe Stories as regulars. Quelle Horreur! is shoes I see while I'm shopping around and I just wonder how the hell anyone would buy those, the real monstrosities. Shoe Stories are fun little stories based on shoes I like (or maybe don't?) and how they're named.

A feature I plan to add in the future is a Week in Review sometime on the weekend, summarizing all of the shoe sales I've covered recently so that readers can keep up with what's expiring soon, or already expired, so they don't have to scroll back down. TBA.

I enjoyed the playfulness of the Holiday Theme Weeks -- St. Patrick's Day and Easter -- so look for more theme weeks.

Got any other great ideas for the site? Let me know!
I'm also taking ideas and input for Style Bard, which I will be revising next.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quelle Horreur!

Bahia, by Cocobelle @

Self-proclaimed "fashion forward," this jersey elastic sock thong has so many things wrong with it I don't know where to begin. This is for those of you with CCAS, Chronic Cold Ankle Syndrome? Feel free to explain to me why one would ever, ever spend $60 on these nonsensical shoes (by calling them such, I feel I'm doing a great disservice to all other shoes). Especially the beige alternative. Oh, and one has to wonder what this style would do for cankles?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

$20 Off Shoes from Bluefly - Not Foolin'!

It's an April Fool's Day sale - but it's no prank! For today only, when you spend a total of $150 on Bluefly, you're going to be able to see an immediate $20 discount during the checkout process. What better day to be a little foolhardy, throw caution to the wind, and buy those gorgeous Prada Satin Rosette Sandals you've been eyeing? Already on sale by 20% before your savings!

Expires: April 2nd, 2008 (6:30AM EST)