Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's New

Thanks for bearing with me. Here are some of the changes I've made to the site:

--- It's white now. (In case... you missed that.) I like it! Do you?

--- I've moved the ads around a bit to make them less obstructive and to make the sidebar more streamlined.

(I don't endorse anything that I don't find worthy. In the case of shoe sales, I don't take payments for the promotion of the sale, but I will cover it even if it's somewhere I've never shopped. My purpose is to inform you of the chance to save money, not to judge or endorse the site itself. I do try to only suggest shoes I personally find tasteful, but I have to be fair. That's why I'll tell you when Crocs are on sale, but then later veto the worship at the altar of the Croc.)

If you're interested in advertising, just email me.

--- Speaking of the sidebar, I've made a new links category: Popular Searches. I've taken some of the most popular queries and linked you directly to those tags - such as Sale, Sandals, Mens Footwear, etc. Check it out. Let me know if there's another category I should add to make your browsing easier.

If you love shoes and want to be my new friend and swap links (or stay up all night on the phone and talk about boys), email me.

--- I'm adding a few new categories, because it's just more fun for me if this site is more than just sales, sales, sales. Not that I'll post about sales any less, never fear. So far I'm adding Quelle Horreur! and Shoe Stories as regulars. Quelle Horreur! is shoes I see while I'm shopping around and I just wonder how the hell anyone would buy those, the real monstrosities. Shoe Stories are fun little stories based on shoes I like (or maybe don't?) and how they're named.

A feature I plan to add in the future is a Week in Review sometime on the weekend, summarizing all of the shoe sales I've covered recently so that readers can keep up with what's expiring soon, or already expired, so they don't have to scroll back down. TBA.

I enjoyed the playfulness of the Holiday Theme Weeks -- St. Patrick's Day and Easter -- so look for more theme weeks.

Got any other great ideas for the site? Let me know!
I'm also taking ideas and input for Style Bard, which I will be revising next.

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