Sunday, June 3, 2007

FitFlops at Bath & Bodyworks

You're going to thank me for finding this for you, readers. Mentioned recently in the New York Times, 'FitFlops' are a kind of casual summer sandal as comfortable as Crocs that actually help you work out while you walk! It's true. These flip-flops were such a hit when they were first being sold that they sold completely out, and buyers went on a waiting list to get them. Now they can be yours in Red or Black for a startling value of $39.95, available at Bath & Bodyworks. If you're going to be slumming around in flat sandals all summer like the rest of us, why not tone your legs at the same time? Then when you go back to your heels, your legs will look amazing! You're welcome!

Expires: No Expiration

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