Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shoes News

Here are some interesting thoughts/links:

The science of footwear. I'm the patron saint of comfy sensible shoes -- I'm known for it among my female friends, in fact (who are not always complimentary about my workmanlike choices) -- but that doesn't mean I can't branch out once in awhile and be truly stylin'. Who says women can't be smart, serious, 100% professional, and still totally rock a pair of hot pink pumps if they want to? (Or asphalt-stomping Doc Martens, if that's your preference. To each his/her own.)
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The upshot is, be smart about your choices, but wear the styles you like, whether it be sexy stilettos, ballet flats, platform wedges, comfy Tevas, cowboy boots, or anything in between. After all, ever since humans began wearing shoes, the accessory has been as much about status and fashion, as about practicality and comfort.
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Or perhaps, as Dawn once said in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's just because "Everyone loves a slender ankle."

How do we take feminist bloggers seriously if they post about shoes? Occasionally, I get emails from men who tell me (rather dubiously) that they really want to get on board with the whole feminism thing, but they really wish I'd stop blogging about shoes, or my marriage, or too many clasps on my trousers. I have to be serious, they tell me, if I want to be taken seriously.
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Making the personal public and political is serious business. Because women's stories aren't told, it's incumbent upon female feminists to tell their own stories, to fill that void, to be unrepentant and loquacious raconteurs every chance we get, to talk about our bodies, our struggles, our triumphs, our needs, our lives in every aspect. It's our obligation to create a cacophony with our personal narratives, until there is a constant din that translates into equality, into balance.

*found on Bitch PhD, who first posted these gorgeous Pucci sandals which are now 40% off at Zappos. (That gorgeous pattern, btw? "Geranium Marine Satin." Love.)

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