Thursday, April 17, 2008

35 Spot from Finish Line

From what I recall, this is the time of year when all a kid can think about is breaking free of the classroom and bolting outside to play, run, bike, etc. Finish Line has a great section called 35 Spot, which is pages of sneakers for young boys and girls - and they're all only $35. Despite the fact that I'm not particularly a sneaker fan myself, and though I tend to shy from squared-off toes, I have to admit there's something striking and bold about these red and black Goodyear Street sneakers by Adidas. These are marked down 25% for a limited time, but check out the whole selection with choices from New Balance, Puma, Nike and other favorites.

Expires: June 1st, 2008


Robert said...

As a sports person I always wear adidas shoes for superior comfort and performance. Finish Line is a right place for our sports need.

Anonymous said...

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