Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Shoes!

I didn't intend to go shoe shopping this weekend... my purposes at the mall were purely practical (I swear) as I went to pay my bills at Macy's and Victoria's Secret and to make a few returns. But how does one pass a DSW without checking out the clearance racks?? It would be remiss of me to be so lazy when I clearly owe you, my readers, absolute shoe sale diligence. Right? Right. Besides, they've got those fun sale stickers with color coding to tell you how much you're going to save - 30%, 40%, 50% or 70%!

Guess which these were:

You bet. A glorious 70% off the sticker price, which was already a markdown, for the grand total of $14.98. My friends, when I tell you that I am the expert on finding true shoe steals, you've just gotta believe me.

I was immediately excited to spot these (even before I noted the green sticker that announced them to be 70% off) because three items on my shoe wardrobe checklist were purple shoes, green shoes and yellow shoes. So now I can cross one of those off! I also found great low-heeled patent yellow pumps that I wanted, but they didn't have them in my size. Bummer. But I guess I can't ask for too much from one quick DSW walk-through.

I really like my shoes to be bold, especially with a bright pop of color. Some people are quizzical when they see my array of colorful shoes, but I really think that women should generally be more open-minded to bright shoes. I treat colorful monochrome shoes as neutrals. What can I wear purple heels with? Brown, pink, blue, green, yellow. What can't I wear purple heels with, I ask you. I probably wouldn't go for overkill by matching them with anything; I'm not heading out to buy a purple cardigan. I think they stand on their own as a complimentary color that goes with most other hues. I wouldn't have minded if they were even brighter, in fact. But the sheen makes up for that.

Another reason I'm so pleased by this purchase was because I really love Bandolino shoes, especially for work. They're just comfortable, without being a "comfort" brand like Naturalizer. I find that I can operate for many hours in Bandolinos without a pinch of discomfort. I'm completely at ease in them so far, though these babies stack a nice 3" of stiletto. I have high hopes for their lasting comfort, no pun intended.

Here they are in action:

Now, who wants to take bets that my Monday work outfit will somehow accomodate purple pumps? I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Aren't they a-dorable! I bought the same shoe (same price) from DSW 2 months in Navy. They will go perfect with a DVF navy dress I have. Have fun with them!

The Style Bard said...

I saw them in Navy and in Black! I wasn't sure I'd have anything to wear the Navy with (I find it a tricky color) and the purple was infinitely more exciting than the black. Do they remain as comfy over time?