Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MBT Sandals from The Walking Company + Free 2nd Day Shipping

Look out! It's a Tuesday Twofer! That's right, two sales in one day. I recently heard about MBT sneakers and sandals for the first time, and I was definitely intrigued, if not just for what they supposedly do for your health--improve posture, burn calories and increase muscle tone--but because they just look so damn strange! I checked these out in person, lifting the shoes (lighter than they looked) and studying the different styles (uglier than other sandals, of course, but less ugly than you'd think). The Walking Company is now adding MBT to its collection of comfort shoes, and shoppers will receive 2nd Day Shipping with their purchase for a limited time. If you've been intrigued by the comfort of Uggs combined with the exercise enhancement of FitFlops, I think MBT is the right pick for you this season. Style Bard faves are these 'M Walk' sneakers in Pink, which don't look too weird; more like sneakers with some height, like a hidden platform (which is, suffice it to say, another benefit). They create a rolling motion when the wearer is walking, jogging or running, while hugging the wearer's feet in a pleasant cushion of support. Stay in shape with greater ease in MBTs.

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