Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shoe Pysche

It's time for week two of Shoe Psyche! Last week, Anna won the grand prize of $50.00 toward a new pair of shoes from Shoebuy. This week kicks off the first of four consecutive Wednesdays in which Shoe Psyche participants will win an exclusive 10% off discount code, good toward their next purchase at Shoebuy. This week's Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy winner is: Elizabeth!

Elizabeth says:

1) My favorite pair of shoes is... Creepers and Mary Janes. I couldn't like without my chucks.

2) The pair of shoes I wish I had are... I would love a pair of Black Creepers with red stitching. There would have to be at least a couple red stars on the sides as well.

3) In one sentence, I would describe myself as... I love music and concerts are my biggest form of entertainment. I am the mother of a three year old boy, and he is my world. I see things in my son that help me understand where he fits in in this crazy world, and we dress him accordingly! He is a total mommas boy who loves to show who he is through his appearance- just like momma! We will never stick to one style or another, because that wouldn't fit our personality!

Well, that last one is certainly more than one sentence! I guess that means Elizabeth is a woman who doesn't always play by the rules. The Style Bard can tell that Elizabeth is a life-loving, on-the-go mother who requires a comfortable shoe in which to run around and enjoy life on the heels of her son. She would never let an uptight pump stand between her and a day at the playground! But those practical shoes can't be boring old Keds or prissy ballet flats; no, they need a little flash of personality to let loose Elizabeth's inner rock star. The ideal shoes to capture Elizabeth's Shoe Psyche are:

'Ruby' by Crocs

For a busy mother of a precocious and energetic young boy, your shoes have to be both comfortable and durable. Well it would take Octumom's slew of toddlers to make a dent in these long-lasting rubber Crocs. The 'Ruby' style emulates the Mary Jane style Elizabeth is fond of, but unlike the traditional slip-on Crocs, gives her the enclosed back and additional strap to make her shoes sturdy for hours of running, playing, and enjoying life with her son. Plus, they'll add a fun, bright pop of red to any outfit. They're Elizabeth's very own ruby slippers.

'Bari' by Softwalk

These stylish suede boots bring together all of the elements of Elizabeth's lifestyle and shoe personality. Softwalk brand is known for its comfort and support, which means these beautiful flat boots can do more than look pretty: they'll keep you going for long hours on your feet (or, with a young child in the house, I should say on your toes). What I like best for Elizabeth is the fact that they have a very subtle pattern of imprinted flowers swirling across the knee-high suede, which show depth and richness, perfect for the girl who wears her personality on her feet (much like a heart of your sleeve). These shoes can be dressed up or down, so Elizabeth is good to go whether it's a typical day dropping the kid off at school or the elusive all-grown-up date night while he's at home with the babysitter. They're perfect for cold weather months, but Elizabeth is a rule-defyer, so I challenge her to wear these with a fun summer dress. Why compromise comfort for style? These luscious suede boots bring together the best of both worlds.

'Shiam' by JUMP

But best of all, I think Elizabeth will love these funky, edgy platforms by JUMP (I know I most certainly do!). They combine the fashionable elements of a patent dress shoe with Elizabeth's rock star vibe, and, with a 3" thick wedge heel, they represent the look and feel of her favorite shoes, the Creeper. If a girl can get the personality and comfort of her favorite go-to casual shoes in a dress shoe, she's bound to be in shoe heaven. I think these will put Elizabeth over the moon--especially at 10% off!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I will be in contact with you shortly about how to claim your prize--a 10% off gift code which can be redeemed at Shoebuy (where you can find all of the shoes featured in Shoe Psyche throughout the next four weeks).

If you didn't have a chance to enter, but you're still interested in having your Shoe Psyche read (and your innermost shoe cravings exposed) shoot me an email anytime at stylebard(a) Just put "Shoe Psyche" in the subject line, and I'll know what to do.

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