Sunday, March 15, 2009

Green Shoe Week at Style Bard Shoes

Today Style Bard Shoes is kicking off the Second Annual Green Shoe Week in honor of St. Patrick's Day! I'm a proud Irish gal, in case you didn't know, so celebrating one of my favorite holidays is a no-brainer. And finding a week's worth of green shoes was such a fun challenge last year, I just had to do it again! So look for amazing sales featuring Green Shoes this week. I'm definitely on the prowl for a pair myself (I have been for about a year), so I'm hoping this unusual task leads me to a fabulous purchase or two.

I know what you're thinking: if the Style Bard looks at shoes all day and can't manage to find a pair she's looking for in a year, how are the rest of us supposed to find the perfect shoes? Well, I'm usually a little better about buying shoes than this! The truth is, I fell in love with one pair of green shoes, and then just couldn't find them in my size. Ever since then no other pair has quite measured up. It's a sad and tragic tale, my friends. Here are the beauties which ruined other green shoes for me:

'Feline' by Franco Sarto

I already have these in Black and I absolutely love them, so when I saw them in Avocado Green I just swooned! But it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well, I know I'll find an apt replacement one of these days...maybe even this week!

If you ever need help locating a pair of shoes, or finding the style you want within your price range, feel free to shoot me an email with the subject line 'Shoe Hunt' and I'd love to help you out. Because believe me, I've been there. And now I have the connections, time and resources to help you out; plus, I just love an excuse to hunt through shoes--it's the SBS raison d'etre!

Just as a reminder: St. Patrick's Day is also your last chance to shoot me an email to win a pair of free shoes from Shoebuy! For a refresher on the contest details, click here.

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