Tuesday, May 27, 2008

RSVP Sale at 6PM

6PM is featuring brand RSVP as a designer label now on sale. Now, "designer brand" may be a bit of a stretch for RSVP, but I definitely believe that the shoes on sale right now are worth more than they're on sale for, so this is a great time to stock up. I even had a hard time choosing between my favorites to feature! These are sexy "Leanora" and I went with them because if I had to pick between them personally, I'd pick these right now, and because they're slightly more on sale right now. My other choice, if you're interested, is here. These are called a "hot dress sandal that makes an impact wherever you go." Made in Brazil? Of course they are! Also available in Black; now 57% off while this sale lasts. Men's and Kids' shoes also available.

Flat Rate Shipping - Always $6.95 per Order / Free Shipping on Orders > $100

Expires: Limited Time

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