Sunday, August 8, 2010

BOGO at Payless!

Oh yes, it's time for the next round of BOGO at Payless. Buy any one pair of shoes, get the second pair for 50% off! And that's on top of any other sales or discounts taking place at the store. I should confess that there's a Payless about five seconds from my house, and I have to pass it whenever I head around the corner toward the subway or pharmacy. It's really, really hard not to at least wander through and check out what's new. I think that one thing I should start doing is checking out comfort levels of the shoes I like, such as these American Eagle 'Boho Huarache' flats which are surprisingly trendy, already on sale and named for one of my favorite things, Mexican food. See, Payless is really hit or miss for me in terms of comfort; one of my favorite and most comfortable pairs of wedges--and one set of white pumps--are from Payless (both cost about $5 each 'cause I'm savvy). But so many shoes are just not comfortable when I try them on. I'm just afraid if I went in to try something on, I'd walk out with five pairs of new shoes--especially during BOGO. But you know what? Let me know if there's a pair you're curious about and I'll see what I can do to scout the comfort level for you next time I go to pick up some milk and gum.

Flat Rate Shipping Always $5.95

Expires: September 9th, 2010

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