Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seeking Reader Input: Where Do You Buy Shoes??

Hello Fellow Shoe-Lovers,

Taking a time-out on this lovely morning to ask for requests. Basically, I'd just love to know where you love to shop for shoes. I've always stuck with keeping an eye on sites where I have shopped or love to shop ('sup, Shopbop), but I want to cover more diverse shoe stores. So please use the comments below or e-mail me with your favorite websites and online boutiques.

I'll pay you back by providing you with discount codes and telling you every single time your favorite shoes are on sale!

I think that's a fair deal, y/y?

And as always, keep soliciting me to help you find shoes -- or just send me pics of what you're wearing because I can never get enough of others' hot shoe finds!

Love & Thanks,

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