Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Purse, New Shoes

So here's a picture of my new adorable purse and shoes.

Are you ready for the best part? You ready? $20 each at TJ Maxx. I'm like a walking commercial, baby.

I would've spent a lot more on them too. Comfortable, cute, and the green purse I've been seeking for - mmm - 6 months?

I may have been over this before, but I'm not really a purse girl. I just don't understand them; they fall off my fashion radar. They don't "do it" for me. (Ew. I think I hate that phrase.) Anyway, I buy a purse about once or twice a year, when the one I have is ripping or in some other way irking me. I just use it and use it everyday, I buy something neutral and all-encompassingly practical, and maybe switch it out to its tinier counterpart for an evening event. Shoes, I'll go nuts about - the perfect "feel", how they'll function in my wardrobe, what I'll wear them with, what I'm lacking to complete my collection. But purses? I've got nothing. I would love nothing more than to fall in love with one purse, spend a fortune on it, and never buy another purse again. Ever.

As my last purse (from December) got stained, I threw it out and got this one. I am very happy. It could be a little deeper, but I am happy. It has pockets. Three large pockets! And for twenty bucks, if the shallowness bothers me in a month or two, I can go back and buy another one guilt-free. As a last comment, it has bronze adornments, and I like bronze because I can wear gold or silver jewelry without feeling too odd. (Or matching bronze flats! I know purses and shoes don't have to match anymore but I imagine I'll be wearing these a lot come fall, so the matchingness excites me! Exciting!)

That is all. No wait - I think it begs to be mentioned that my past 3 purses (that's a year and a half to you calendar folks) were all black. So this is a big step in the world of pursely accessorizing. Yay!

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