Tuesday, February 19, 2008

*New Feature* - Deal of the Day - Morgan Miller Shoes

Did you think you could never afford bespoke shoes, a unique pair made to fit your feet and your personality? Well, you're wrong. I'm pleased to share with you www.morganmillershoes.com, a site where you can create great sandals with your choice of sole, strap material, and even hardware! You pick the size and width; you're in control. These shoes have been rising in popularity, especially for women with specialty needs or those who demand to have the hottest shoes on the market, the shoes that no other fashionista can lay claim to. I designed the ones pictured above in just a few minutes on the site! Don't worry, I don't mind if we share them. You're sure to get many compliments, and when asked about their origin you can say, "I designed them!" Prices range from $99-$350 - now that's a great deal!

For more about this unique shoe shopping option, check out the full article at Style Bard.

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