Monday, June 2, 2008

Hot Shoes for the Summer

So here are the Style Bard's official must-have summer shoe styles for 2008. For each trend, I'll tell you where to find it - and you might be surprised at what you can actually afford!

1) Flip-Flops

Old Navy Flip-Flops

Surely this comes as no surprise. Let's be honest here - what's more of a must-have than a sturdy and stylish flip-flop to get you through the heat waves? Naturally, I have to suggest going with the classic: Old Navy Flip-Flops. Everyone from teen girls to their fathers are wearing them, and that's because they're cheap, they're comfortable and they last. They also come in an array of colors and designs, so you can match your outfit every day and you'll never get bored. Don't be mistaken, I'm not suggesting these as "date night" shoes, but if you're just running errands or hitting the beach, Old Navy Flip-Flops are your go-to. One suggestion? Don't wear them when it's raining.

Alternative: Fit Flops. Less stylish, but they tone your legs and buttocks as you walk and that might just be a fair trade!

2) Floral

Black Satin Flower Enamel Heel Sandals from Prada

From the runways to the racks, florals are in bloom in fashion right now, and the perfect way to give a nod to the trend without looking like your grandmother's house frock is wearing them on your shoes. Whether spackled with buds or boasting one blossom, a flower on your shoe means you know what's going on with style this summer.

3) Architectural Heels

Danger, KORS by Michael Kors

Hello, heels! I just adore a nifty architectural heel, and apparently I'm not the only one. Have women simply gotten bored with wedges and espadrilles and decided they want something new? I think it's a way to show some personality without going over the edge, and the lines and shapes created contrast perfectly with a soft, flowy sundress just right, creating a harmonious duet.

4) Gladiator Sandals

Gilda by Sam Edelman

I seem to recall eyeing a pair of these about a year or so ago, but Summer 2008 was destined to be the season they'd take off and explode all over the glossies, the celebs and even your local mall. Maybe it was Rami's draping that gave girls the urge to go Roman? Whatever the cause, gladiator sandals are a must-have with jeans or a casual dress. Throw on some bronzer and you're good to go.

Alternative: No kidding, but Payless. I actually had to stop myself from purchasing a cheapie pair to kick around in this summer last time I was there, so if like me you know these things aren't going to stay hot forever, maybe a low-cost version is the safest bet.

5) Metallics

Tempo Sandal by BP

A hold-over from last summer, metallics have weathered the test of time and proven themselves to be a true summer trend. We don't seem to tire of seeing or buying gold, silver and bronze- because who doesn't like something shiny? And even when you're shopping high-end, you're probably still going to save if you put the bling on your feet rather than on your finger, ears, or around your neck. So feel free to splurge and enjoy knowing that metallics seem to be here to stay- for now.

So that's the round-up on must-haves for this summer. Agree/disagree? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Want more suggestions for shoes that follow these trends? Hit up the inbox and tell me what you're looking for - as well as your budget.

(More flip-flops, floral shoes, architectural heels, or metallic shoes.)

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