Monday, June 16, 2008

The Weekend Shoe

So Piperlime - a shoe store I actually love and browse with reguarity (thanks to my Old Navy card, ahem) - (Piperlime is also a site I use to price-compare after the one time I found the shoes I wanted on there cheaper than where I'd been planning to buy them) - released a new category called the "Weekend Shoe" where they've sorted together all of the shoes one ... would wear ... on the weekends? According to them, these shoes are for when one is "out and about" (which we aren't on weekdays? o...kay?).

So what do you think about this weekend shoe thing? Does it just mean "non-work" shoes? Isn't that a rather broad category in all honesty? Or are we referring to shlumpy-dumpy comfort shoes for running around when we think no-one's looking? And aren't those called flip-flops? I don't know. That's why I'm asking you! So take a look at the collection and let me know how you feel about the "Weekend Shoe" category. Helpful or no?

Are any of these what you are wearing on the weekend?

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