Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Shopping

So I did not purchase any shoes this weekend at the mall. (Shock and awe!) I looked; I tried on a few (several) pairs. I coveted Ralph Lauren black patent wedges and realized that I bought peep-toe black patent wedges just a few weeks ago. (More on that another day.) And then I tried to help my little sister find non-peep-toe black flats, which is surprisingly not as easy as I presumed it would be. We have yet to find anything.

The main point is that I get to put off clearing out my armoire-o-shoes for another week, at least, yay! I still have not figured out the best means to get rid of my beloved shoes...

Shoes I am still on the look-out for:

-green patent shoes
-gold non-strappy-sandals shoes
-professional black flats(ish)

If you see anything outstanding, I wear a 9/9.5! Don't be shy; link me to 'em!

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