Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shoe Hunt!

Shoe hunting can be a hassle. But the Style Bard is here to help. Just let me know what you're looking for as specifically as possible, and I'll come up with suggestions. Why not let someone who spends her days looking at shoes pick out a few for you?

A friend of mine is seeking some red flats for everyday wear:

"it would be mostly for work and going out, so i'll say casual, and a bit of a heel is ok. and yeah no open toe, I'll try to wear them in the winter. pointy toes usually don't fit me right, I have weird feet. And I was hoping to spend 50 bucks or less."

No problem! Here are some options that fit what you're looking for (pictures denote the Style Bard's faves):

Newlan by Anne Klein ($24.95)
(70% off the original price!)

Gill by Two Lips ($39.83)

Donna by Zigi NY ($20.93)
(59% off the original price!)

Oakley Flat by Report ($49.95)

Blush by Report ($33.75)
(47% off the original price!)

Leisa by Bandolino ($29.99)
(A typically comfortable brand, and on sale to boot!)

Knock Outs Allue by Skechers Cali ($39.99)
(Very casual but workable thanks to patent trim and silver clasp.)

Horizon by Rampage ($50.00)
(I'm a pushover for a great t-strap. It adds the illusion height you lose in a flat.)

Imperial by Rampage ($39.99)

Vaughn by Report ($39.99)

Heavyn by Rampage ($39.99)
(Simple but lovely.)

Filila by Nine West ($29.94)
(59% off the original price!)

Social Climber by Seychelles ($41.99)

Peppermintz by What's What ($49.99)

And here are a few that go a little above your budget, but they have some appeal that might be worth splurging for:

Belina by Jessica Simpson ($69.00)
(A change of pace, a different style.)

Paola by Gabriella Rocha ($69.00)
(Now these are something different!)

Elaine by Fitzwell ($70.00)

Mosaic by Hush Puppies ($73.00) (Also here for only $48.99, but in limited sizes.)
(Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.)

Carma by Nicole ($74.70)
(Beautiful shoes, and 10% off.)

Padua by Sofft ($95.00)
(A super-comfy brand, great for long hours of wear.)

Pudding by Indigo by Clarks ($89.99)
(A comfort brand and gorgeous shoes with just the right amount of heel.)

Pin UP by Irregular Choice ($77.62)
(The Style Bard's favorite shoe brand!)

Hope I've helped!

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