Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shoe Hunt!

This next hunt is helping a Mother of the Bride find the perfect shoes to wear to her daughter's wedding, awww.

I'm especially pleased to help because my very first Shoe Hunt! was for a friend's wedding shoes. I sent her thirty options and she ended up liking two so much that she ordered both styles and did a costume change (shoe-wise) midway through the wedding!

Here're the details:

"My dress is dark purple with layers of chiffon. The bodice is a close to the body fit, full length evening gown. I am 48 yrs old and 5'9" size 16, I would prefer a heel that is 2in. I was thinking silver or if the perfect purple was out there that would be good too. Comfort is most important. One more important thing to know is that I am NOT a natural on high heels, so a skinny heel might not be the best choice for me. I'm willing to spend $100.00 or so, maybe more if I can't resist."

I like a woman who can admit that shoes can be irresistible enough make us push our budgets! So true, so true. But this Shoe Hunt! contains a surprise twist, which is that this MotB is a size 11. Once upon a time this would have been a challenge. Maybe not to locate size 11 shoes, but to find a selection of formal shoes from which to choose? Ouch. Nowadays though, thanks to the internet, there's plenty of accessible in plus-sized footwear. Leave it to the Style Bard.

Personally, I would find it hard to match a purple exactly without seeing the shoe and dress together in person, but that's all right because being matchy-matchy with shoes/dress/accessories isn't necessary in 2008. I think a silver heel would be beautiful with a dark purple, however, especially with some silver jewelry. Here are my suggestions (pictures denote the Style Bard's faves):

Hala by Christin Michaels ($130.00)
(How about a pointed flat?)

Cameron by Frye ($152.00)
(Worth the splurge if they're not too informal. Frye is undeniably comfortable.)

Lia #2 by Lifestride ($51.00)

Jaslene by rsvp ($79.00)
(These come with built-in foot petals cushioning!)

Lola by Annie ($51.00)

Bangle by Onex ($99.99)

Mirelys by VANELi ($93.00)

Sunshine by Me Too ($74.70)
(10% Off! Plus great reviews.)

Havana by Pelle Moda ($142.00)
(So glittery! Plus quality construction.)

Divine by Touch Ups ($53.99)

Whirl by J. Renee ($84.00)
(These should be easy to dance in.)

Giada by Special Occasions ($75.00)

Tennille by Touch Ups ($56.99)

Allison by Touch Ups ($70.99)
(Don't worry; the heel is actually shorter than it looks!)

Glamour by Bouquets ($60.00)

Alana by Touch Ups ($52.99)
(These are something a little different.)

Gemini by Touch Ups ($58.99)
(I love these! So classy.)

Antigua by Sizzle by Coloriffics ($60.00)
(A little higher than you asked, but they're just so sophisticated.)

Donna by Coloriffics ($63.00)
(A matte silver satin; gorgeous.)

Tiffany by Touch Ups ($51.99)

Missy by Bouquets ($55.00)

Allure by J. Renee ($89.00)
(This one's a wedge, easy to stay in all night.)

Sharita by Lifestride ($46.00)

Abby by Touch Ups ($51.99)

Lydia by Magdesians ($115.00)
(A t-strap makes up for height in a low heel.)

Endless by Onex ($63.99)
(If you're looking for matte, these are quite comely and appear comfortable.)

Keepsake by Annie ($51.00)
(These are very different, but I find them compelling.)

Maeve by Calvin Klein ($100.00)
(These aren't for everyone, but they're the Style Bard's faves!)

Best of all? Every one of these shoes comes with Free Shipping!

Please feel free to send me pictures of what you end up wearing on the happy occasion. Hope I've helped, and congratulations!

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