Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoe Scavenger

One of the Style Bard's many talents is shoe scavenging for others, whether they're looking for a hard-to-find size or just the perfect style to compliment a certain outfit or activity. This week has randomly brought in a slew of requests, and I was tickled to find one of them at a favored read, Tomato Nation.

Check out the query here.

And here's the feedback from the Style Bard:

Oh man, finding once-spotted shoes can be like chasing the dragon. They become a thing of lore, the equivalent of men's "I once caught a fish this big..."

Thankfully, this is something people often ask me to do for them and I'm pretty good at it. In this case, since we're a few seasons off, it makes sense that I haven't found your exact pair, but there are a few in the same vein:

Glider by Penny Loves Kenny

Wimbley by Delman

Caraway by Easy Spirit

And if none of these works for you, just let me know which characteristics you loved the most (quilting, patent toe, wedge, strap) and I can find you a bevy of suggestions tailored to what you're looking for at Style Bard Shoes (

Same goes for all of my readers: always feel free to ask me for assistance locating a shoe! I'll even do my best to fit it into your budget, finding the best price, and extras like Free Shipping. If nothing else, the Style Bard looks at shoes all day, and she loves a good chase.

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