Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quelle Horreur!

Since it was a short week, we're skipping *Shoes in Review* in favor of your favorite and mine...a Quelle Horreur!

(In fact, I am planning to switch things up around here a little more often in 2009...not because I'm getting bored with this site, but because I've got so many other great ideas! I never meant for it to be all about shoe sales, all the time, but I got into a habit, into a schedule, and now I want to try out some new things. Just so you know what to expect!)

Here we are, the first Quelle Horreur! of 2009:

Kathie by RSVP @

Is Mother Nature sick? Because I could swear she threw up all over these shoes. The overall shape isn't bad, but we've got florals, we've got mesh, we've got a bow and we've got a scalloped, pointy's a bad summer camp craft project. Although, I have to commend for marketing these as the 'perfect warm weather' shoes in the midst of January, because it takes a lot of guts to disregard your audience as well as the season. But even during the brightest, sunniest Spring day, no woman should be caught wearing these. What, dare I ask, would you even wear these with? A Hillary-esque green pantsuit? (I have a little test I use with extravagant shoes: two questions. Can I wear them with my LBD? Can I wear them with jeans and a black Hanes tshirt? If they don't cut the mustard on these go-to, basic outfits, then they don't come home with me.) Believe it or not, these also come in Blue and...Fuscia. Even over 60% off, these natural disasters are better left unshopped.

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