Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BOGO is Back at Payless!

It's time again for BOGO at Payless! That means when you pick one pair of new cute shoes, your second pair is half off its original price. I know that my first pair would be these super-cute 'Hudson Wedges' in springtime blue (called Light Teal on the site). I own another pair of blue wedges from Payless and they're very comfortable, and I receive compliments on them all the time. But those are getting old and I think it's time for something trendy, with a little hardware on the toe. For my second choice? Probably a cute pair of flats, but I'll have to let you know when I go shoe shopping!

Expires: March 2nd, 2009

1 comment:

Kayla!!! said...

cool...what type of shoes r those?

p.s. i found u on google i searched payless women's size 7 images and one page 2 saw the shoes and wondered if they came in black so...i clicked.