Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free 2nd Day Shipping on MBT Fitness Shoes

I'll tell you right now: I want a pair of these MBT shoes. In fact, the ones that I want are the ones pictured here, the 'Kaya' style. Alas, I cannot quite justify the expense at the moment, since I think the cash could go toward oh, I don't know, a treadmill or something. But I do believe they work and I love the idea; especially for days spent walking around the city and such. Might as well be toning at the same time, right? It's not like you need to put aside extra time to work out, and I'm an on-the-go kind of person, so that appeals to me. Anyway, if you also love and want these, but want to save a few bucks, you can take advantage of limited-time Free Shipping (second day shipping, no less) from The Walking Company. No codes or limitations necessary.

Expires: Limited Time Only

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