Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shoe Psyche

Wow, guys! We've finally reached week five of Shoe Psyche sponsored by Shoebuy. That means today is your last chance to get 10% off your next purchase at Shoebuy in addition to having your Shoe Psyche read with shoes from Shoebuy's 18,000+ options. And the final Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy winner is: Gail!

Gail says:

1) My favorite pair of shoes is... 5 INCH RED STILETOES BY MICHEAL ANTONIO

2) The pair of shoes I wish I had are... L.A.M.B. Women's Bellgrave Boot

3) In one sentence, I would describe myself as... a future fashion designer, pink loving, butterfly kiss giving, shoe diva with much style.

First of all, I have to say that I think the Style Bard and Gail need to go shoe shopping together--those boots are amazing! Unlike some, Gail's claim to style isn't merely an echo of what's on the racks--she shows clear boldness and sense of self in her fashion choices. Surely, she will make for an exceptionally talented designer who will never be content as someone else's pattern maker; Gail has a voice that must be heard! And she isn't going to let you forget it, as she stomps her way ahead in life in a pair of red stiletto heels. Gail is no-nosense when it comes to knowing what she wants and who she is; the woman is a walking, breathing statement piece in skyscraper heels. She likes heights, she likes risks, she likes splurging on items she knows better than to spend on (and then sneaking into her closet late at night just to visit and enjoy them). But despite her showmanship and bravado, Gail is not lacking in heart and softness, and she would just as soon cuddle up with the ones she loves and watch a sappy movie before tucking them gently into bed with butterfly kisses. Gail's Shoe Psyche looks like:

'Balm' by BCBGirls

For a girl who needs all eyes on her, this shoe takes the cake. I know Gail will enjoy spending the summer stomping her way through the crowds in shoes that demand attention and respect. Best of all, they're from the New Arrival section of Shoebuy, which means these beaded beauties are hot off the press, and Gail will be at the peak of style when she wears these, outshining any other shoe on the street. And Gail won't even blink at the 4" heel or the added platform. Go big or go home, right Gail?

'Edith' by BCBGirls

Another eye-popping pair are these tall and delicious heels that take a classic shape and make it new again with this bold patent finish. Think it's a red heel? Think again. This is actually a pink shoe in a shade close to red, which brings together the femininity of the former color with the strong, bold sex appeal of the latter. It's just as complex as Gail herself! Gail's certain to go ga-ga for these--and the good news is, they're already on sale for 30% off, so with her additional 10% off these are practically a must-have (and hey, you don't have to feel like a naughty girl for splurging)(but go ahead and feel just a wee bit naughty; it's just more fun that way).

'Fem Fatale' by Luichiny

Of course, for a girl who's not afraid of fashion, who actually works in the fashion industry, there's a demand not only to stand out and be 'different' and 'creative' but also to demonstrate that she's able to follow the trends. What better way to fulfill both of those quotas than with these gorgeous and daring animal-print platform sandal? These babies knock out the competition with a 5 1/8" heel, which is anything but meek. These shoes are the essence of Gail, and they are sure to express her unique style to the world while appeasing even the most catty of fashion critics.

Congratulations, Gail! I will be in contact with you shortly about how to claim your prize--a 10% off gift code which can be redeemed at Shoebuy.

If you didn't have a chance to enter, but you're still interested in having your Shoe Psyche read (and your innermost shoe cravings exposed) shoot me an email anytime at stylebard(a) Just put "Shoe Psyche" in the subject line, and I'll know what to do.

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