Friday, May 29, 2009

*Deal of the Week* Foot Petals Stiletto Stylist Kit

Now that it's summer, when we don't have an excuse to stuff our feet in ugly sneakers and winter boots (for warmth, we protest), suddenly we're looking for ways to trek around all day without killing our feet--while letting our feet breathe and showing off our new summer pedicures. So, naturally, everyone's flocking out to get Fit Flops (more on these next week) or MBTs; something comfortable and atheletic, and a little more supportive than a thong between our toes. Of course, for the sake of comfort, women are once again forced to compromise beauty. Well, no more. I suggest saving the effort and getting a Foot Petal kit from Zappos. For only $50, you can wear all of your gorgeous high-heeled sandals without worry of foot pain. The Stiletto Stylist Kit (pictured) comes with insoles, back-of-heel cushions, heel cushions and ball-of-foot cushions. They don't just add comfort and support as you walk, they add grip between your sole and the shoe, so your weight's not sliding down against the shoe straps, creating additional pain. And if you are still leaning a little heavily on your thongs or sandal straps, the kit also comes with strap cushions to provide extra comfort. Every piece can be trimmed down to fit into even the slimmest pair of sandals. Foot Petals kits allow you to keep your style while strutting for hours on end in any pair of shoes, so instead of investing in a new pair of ugly athletic sandals for summer, try these first. If the whole kit doesn't appeal to you, Zappos also carries an assortment of different packages and comfort shoe options ranging $40-$64.

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