Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Day to Save 25% on Banana Republic Shoes

Save up to 25% off today when you buy new shoes from Banana Republic. Enter code BRSAVE to take 15% off orders of at least $100, 20% off $150, and 25% off $250.

Since it's Mother's Day, I guess I should be like everyone else and make this post about it. Let's see...did you enjoy breakfast in bed but would have preferred new shoes? Shop Banana Republic. Are you a mother with negligent kids? Don't hold your breath waiting for a gift you really want; shop Banana Republic. Are you a grandmother? That counts! Shop Banana Republic. Are you a female who doesn't have kids but wants to one day (when you have the right career and meet the right man and the stars align, of course)? Get a head start and buy yourself something nice today (it's like a motivational tactic). Are you a girl with no desire to ever have kids? We'll call this one a freebie; buy yourself some anti-Mother's Day shoes. Are you a single father? Go ahead, treat yourself to men's shoes from BR. Are you a male in the process of a sex change operation who either has or may one day have kids? Shop BR shoes for men--or women. Do you now or did you ever have a mom? know the drill. Shop BR.

Phew. I think that's just about everyone. And since we're talking about such a variety of shoppers, I suggest these 'Jacky' platform pumps in Black as the wardrobe staple for every woman; they're a classic style, a classic shape and they also come in Beige and Brown. But do you really need a reason to buy new shoes today? If you're a SBS reader, I highly doubt it. So for no reason whatsoever, head to Banana Republic now to scope the deals while they last. Oh, and...Happy Mother's Day!


Expires: Midnight, May 10th, 2009

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