Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Robert Tabor's Sole Sensations


...or suddenly inspired to hit Nordstrom on your way home from work for some new heels? It's really a toss-up for me, too.

I came across some of these pieces on display at a food and wine tasting banquet in South Florida several months ago, and I took home the artist's brochure and business card only to lose them (oops)--until today.

Robert Tabor is an artist who creates wonderful centerpieces and objets d'art using the classic woman's shoe shape for inspiration. Previous works include 'Cherry Pie Mule' (shown above), 'Pickle Pump' and 'Brisket Flip-Flop' (the latter is really a must-see for sandwich lovers). Non-food-themed shoe sculptures include variations on 'Holiday Heels' as well as movie-themed shoes from pictures such as Wizard of Oz, Hello Dolly! and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Another favorite of mine is 'Shoe Fly Shoe':

The artist breathes new life into broken-down heels with metals, acrylics, beads, crystals, leathers, foam and feathers--and, of course, loads of whimsy and imagination.

For more Sole Sensations pictures and information (or to purchase one of these pieces for your very own shoe-themed conversation starter), visit

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