Monday, August 24, 2009

Burberry Prorsum Shoes Spring/Summer 2008

As a follow-up to today's earlier post, I decided to look more into those shoes from the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2008 ready-to-wear runway. Rather than ankle boots or shoes with netting over them, as I had suspected, it turns out that they're in fact sandals over socks. How horrifying!

The sole respectable pair of shoes on the runway were these, which are in fact ankle boots, but they're pretty ugly as far as I'm concerned:

But take a peek at the rest:

Are you not thoroughly mortified? Please ladies, I beg of you, never ever ever bring this style into fashion. Even Katie Holmes couldn't pull it off. I don't care if you're wearing $80 socks and $600 sandals, you're still just about as fashionable as this guy:

(Photo from this dreadful, inflamatory website dedicated to sandals over socks. Don't even click it; spare yourself.)

I mean, what's next? This? I shudder at the thought.

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Lekkie said...

I actually find the first pair (from the view given) very 60's chic. I think that it would go with the classic Avengers, or Charlie's Angels, or even a go-go in one of those long-sleeved mini-dresses.