Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sendra Boots Review

You can tell a quality pair of shoes when you see it. Now, I'm mostly a bargain shopper by nature and upbringing, so the first time I laid hands on a pair of high-cost name-brand all-leather shoes, it was an accident. The moment I plucked those beautiful booties from their shelf, I knew that I'd somehow wandered from the bargain racks to the forboden high-end boutique side of the shoe store (a mistake born of subconscious urges, I'm sure). I fell immediately in love with the unobtainable shoe. The memory of picking up a sole and instantly understanding it was well-made by sight and touch alone lingers in my mind to this day.

That was a long time ago--and spotting a quality shoe is more of a second nature to me now--but when I was asked to review Sendra boots (unsponsored, unbiased, nothing in it for me but research), I felt that sensation all over again. I was instanteously impressed, smitten with a longing destined to go unfulfilled.

Even though the Sendra styles are a little conventional and predictable for my eccentric shoe tastes, from the moment I lifted these beautiful boots out of the box I was won over. From the feel of the soft, luscious leather against my fingertips to the way the boot felt on (supportive and sturdy), every aspect of the boots only added to the overall impression of quality. I wished I could have kept these marvelous boots, which were in fact on loan for the purpose review. I looked at:

Style #8692

Style #7681

Style #8011

The Review

The first pair is my personal favorite, as I prefer a dramatic, almost-costume-y aesthetic when it comes to boots. Seeming authentically rustic, these leapt out to me as shoes that could be worn, without irony, as a whimsical alternative to more staid winter shoes. On top of being stylish, they also felt just as indestructible as one would want from such a formidable-looking cowboy boot; with Sendra boots, the rough-and-tumble sensibility is not just for show. The second pair, which are a lined for warmth and reeinforced for longevity, are also unimaginably soft and comfortable. These are the boots you would never want to take off your feet--even though they may not be quite as attractive as the other two pairs. The third pair was probably the farthest from something I would ever consider in my wardrobe. Brown, mid-heel, matte--yaaaawn. Of course here's the kicker you already know is coming--these boots really grew on me the moment I zipped them up (so comfortable!) and then glanced in the mirror (they look amazing on me). Trust me, the pictures don't do these boots justice.

When I buy boots, I'm always worried about the actual height at which the shaft hits my leg. If a boot stops at certain heights--such as mid-calf where your leg is widest--it can be absurdly unflattering. I am also concerned about how the shaft of the boot fits around the calf--will it be too snug? Too roomy? Can I tuck pants into these? With Style #8011, the top of the shaft stops just above the curve of the calf, almost up to the knee. This is a perfect height for boots (unless you're a lover of ankle boots or over-the-knee boots, which I am not). The supple leather shaft encloses my average-width leg with the right amount of room to maneuver, but will still close over leggings, tights or a thin pair of pants.

Though I'm a vegetarian, I do wear leather goods sometimes (sorry, PETA). However, Sendra boots are created from resources only cultivated at breeding stations approved by the International Trade Agreement of Threatened Wild Species. I may be okay with wearing leather, but I am not okay with cruelty to animals, so this is a very important aspect to me, and I thought I'd share it with you as well.

About Sendra

Sendra boots originated as a family brand in 1913 in Spain. The boots are created using a time-honored process involving 250 steps. The most pivotal of these steps is called the "Goodyear Welt" which is the very step that gives the shoes their durable nature, with a double-stitch welt. Such things may seem minor to you, but that's probably because you haven't owned a good pair of boots for several years, and watched them maintain their shape and integrity through all weather as your other boots crumble and come apart. I have, and I can tell you that Sendra boots are the real deal.

This brand is a marriage of tradition and technology; 100 years of practiced hand-crafting technique are merged with the most modern styles and methods of shoe-making. I am happy to recommend the boots for your future boot-buying consideration. And if my opinion of Sendra boots isn't enough, why don't you ask David Beckham?

I'm just a writer after all--Beckham's the real deal when it comes to spokesmodeling. And hey, you've gotta admit he makes those boots look good.

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Davidson Ink. said...

Best boots in the world! On my second pair in 13 years. I am heavy on shoes and no other shoe gives me that type of service. I go through at least 5 pairs of ordinary every day shoes a year, but the Sendra boots are still there, and they seem to get more comfortable and look better as time goes by.

Definately a fan.