Monday, November 2, 2009

Four New Shoe Reviews

One of my favorite things to do is get an up-close look at unique shoe styles and brands I've never heard of before--and then, naturally, tell you all about them.

And what better way to kick off the new month than by showing you some pretty new shoes? Here's a look at four shoe styles from three unique brands:

"We always aim to create current and original designs that stress femininity and elegance; we want women to feel admired for the way they dress and for the shoes they wear." - Magrit

Magrit combines a 75-year history of crafting quality Spanish footwear with state-of-the-art technologies. And, of course, style!

These sparkling flats emanate a holiday spirit to me, and with the luxe suede upper, it's the perfect shoe for Winter. Upon lifting this sample from its box, I was immediately struck by how incredibly soft and supple they felt in my hand, which naturally made me excited to slip them on. True to form, they felt comfortable and extremely luxe. They aren't the flashy high heels that some might prefer for their holiday soirees, but for festivities that might require you to be on your feet and mingle, these would be the perfect go-to for a relaxed-yet-sophisticated look. They are also remarkably comfortable, and I don't want to take them off at all!

More Magrit shoes can be found here.

Coye Nokes
Effortlessly Chic. Confidently Feminine. Understated Urban Grace.

Coye Nokes is a self-made female entrepreneur whose namesake footwear line is aimed at inspiring strong women. Coye’s experience as a strategy consultant in London combines with her creative side to create shoes that are fashionable and functional for professional environments.

These shoes are not my personal style; there's a 70s retro vibe to them, but despite quality construction and high-end materials, they lack the stylistic modern twist I'd like to see to distinguish them further from their thrift-store counterparts. Putting aside preference, the peep-toe that tapers to a point creates a visual point of interest--so I highly recommend wearing these with a bright red toenail color as I happen to be sporting! The picture above also doesn't do the bronze color justice, because in person, there's a bit more sheen that would complement gold jewelry well. The heel on these shoes is the perfect height, easy to walk in without compromising those extra few inches that give us all the added confidence a great heel affords.

Coye Nokes shoes can be purchased here.

Chie Mihara
"To create is like breathing, to me. I need to express myself, and when I am drawing my footwear collection, I feel fulfilled and happy." - Chie Mihara

Chie Mihara's design aesthetic is described as naïve, nostalgic, and feminine--but at the same time, strong and urban. Her experiences in Brazil, Japan and New York have influenced her collections, which are regarded as a unique blend of style and comfort.

One word: Xanadu. These over-the-top, outlandish shoes are definitely a statement piece, to say the least. My attention was immediately sucked to them like a cat meeting yarn for the first time. I cannot stop staring and willing myself to believe that these boots exist--but they do! It's roller rink meets Star Trek. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd see myself type. These are those shoes I would ogle in a store, and probably try on, but never buy. However, if I did own them by some twist of fate, I would find a way to wear them at least twice a year, and they would absolutely have to be the star of any outfit. They'd be called 'those shoes' by my friends, and to outsiders I'd be 'that girl.' But that's not necessarily a bad thing! Thankfully, I got to fulfill my ownership fantasies by proxy, but shipping these custom-made beauties back to their owners will prevent me from testing the limits of my style creativity (and friends' patience) in the coming months.

But you know I saved the best for last:

These 'Alien' boots are by far my favorite among the four samples I received. They're very edgy, youthful, and on-trend for 2009. The cut-outs make me (as usual) want to rush out to buy some teal or goldenrod tights. I would love to wear these with bare legs and an above-the-knee dress to create a fun visual juxtaposition (not recommended for short-legged ladies). These shoes are comfortable and extremely exciting to wear; my only complaint would be the slight flare at the ankle of the boot. It would be accomodating for when you wanted to wear these over jeans, but makes them more difficult (but not impossible!) to wear alone. I wish that they closed with something other than velcro; snaps or a buckle would allow for more fitting options, and add some fun hardware to this punked-out shoe. I also suggest shopping a full size up; based on this sample, sizing runs a little small.

More Chie Mihara shoes can be found here.

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