Sunday, December 13, 2009

$20 Off Hot Topic Shoes

When you spend at least $75 on your total order from Hot Topic, you'll see $20 discounted automatically when you go to check out! Plus, right now Hot Topic is offering an ongoing promotion where all footwear for boys and girls is 25% off! So if you combine these offers, you're ultimately going to save big on your new shoes. On-sale boots include these Volatile Black Grommet Skull Boots and I want them. There, I said it, and I do not fear your judgment because they're awesome and I can totally pull them off. Factually, the only reason they're not sitting in a storage unit awaiting shipment to my house right now is because they don't have 9.5 in stock, which I'd prefer so I can wear them with thicker socks this Winter. Otherwise they would so be mine right now; all mine.

Expires: December 16th, 2009


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