Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Shoes

I love New Year's Eve because it means you get to dress up, hit the town and wear whatever suits your fancy. Although I typically prefer a house party with tons of friends and fabulous food, my co-hosts and I pick a year every few years to add a theme or dress code to the invitations--just to spice up the night. Because while you're going to be partying to the wee hours and it's just as tempting to throw on something comfortable as you stuff your face and get drunk off your ass, when you think about it, aren't New Year's Eve pictures the ones that get passed around all year long and used in every online photo album from now until forever? I think so. If you're going to go down in infamy wearing whatever you don on New Year's Eve, then why not dress to the nines? If I had my druthers, this year's look for me would include a skimpy, sparkly LBD and these fantastic one-night-only 'Vanderbuilt' heels by Report, which come with Free Shipping from Zappos. They are the quintessential high heel for New Year's Eve.

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