Friday, February 19, 2010

*Deal of the Week* Free Return Shipping at ShopBop

Although ShopBop already offered Free Shipping on all shoe orders, they've just gotten around to adding Free Return Shipping, too! This is very exciting for me, because Free Returns are one thing I always seek when shoe shopping online. Nothing sucks worse than buying shoes, excitedly waiting for them to arrive, learning they don't fit, and then paying for that whole let-down experience when it's time to send them back. With amazing designer styles like these 'Strass Suede Caged Sandals' by Guiseppe Zanotti, it'd be easy to get your heart broken when shopping that way. But not anymore! This news is so exciting that I just had to make it this week's *Deal of the Week*. As if I needed another reason to shop here; sigh, bye-bye paycheck!

Expires: No Expiration

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