Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shoe Hunt!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here's a letter from a reader looking for green wedding shoes (how fun!):

I need your help!

I'm looking for some green flats. Something totally adorable to wear at my wedding. Something more fun than a plain ballet flat, with a fun flower, embellishment, bow or something... Any advice on where to look? I have 7 months, so there isn't a rush, maybe the spring will bring what I need?

We're going to have green flowers, so something along those lines, but definitely something bright enough to pop (though lighter than a St. Patrick's Day green).

Any advice would be much appreciated! Love your blog (and shoes!).


You all know what that means; it's time for another Shoe Hunt! As always, the Style Bard is happy to oblige. I know the ins and outs of shoe shopping websites, such as where to find the best shoe sales and free shipping. So if you ever need help locating special or hard-to-find shoes, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail and I'll try my very best.

First of all, one caveat. Liz, I hope that you mean to wear these flats at your reception and not for walking down the aisle or in photographs! Naturally, you want to be comfortable on what is not only the most memorable but often the longest day of a woman's life. But choosing shoes with a little oomph will change how you stand up straight as you stride to meet your groom, as well as your posture in photographs. Just some general, flexible tips for a little head's up! But assuming that you'll be wearing these at the appropriate times, here are a few examples of what you're looking for (from lowest to highest price). I hope you find what you need!

Kerry by Kate Spade @ 6PM A simple, understated flat lets everyone's attention stay on the bride, her dress and her radiant smile. Trimmed in white to match the gown, this option may make for the perfect green wedding shoe. Plus, you get your bow! $44.00

Acrobat by BC Footwear @ Piperlime These are a simple flat with a slightly pointed toe to peek out from under your gown. They don't offer any embellishments, but the pleating on the upper does add visual interest. $50.00

Chime by Kate Spade @ Zappos You wanted flowers? You've got flowers! Two pom-poms adore the toes on these comfy, slip-on shoes. Perfect for changing out of your formal shoes after the reception and relaxing without resorting to flip-flops! $60.00

Monica by Via Spiga @ 6PM The ornamentation on these shoes is reminiscent of flowers and offers a bit of bling for aesthetic appeal. They're lightly padded and perforated for breathability while you're on your feet for long hours, celebrating and dancing the night away! $61.60

Pause by Ciao Bella @ Piperlime These are definitely bright, fun and unique flats that tie into your green flower theme perfectly. $79.00

Flipper by Apepazza @ Zappos These shoes are certainly not for everyone, but I find them delightful and unique. They're definitely bright and flashy enough to stand on their own under a wedding gown, and I promise they'll get your guests talking. $109.00

Hilla by Robert Clergerie @ 6PM I'm not sure if slip-ons with a slight kitten heel meet the bill, nor do I know if you want to show your toes. But! If these details do appeal to you, I just love these understated yet entirely eye-catching shoes. $145.60

Kelly Green Leather Covered Stud Flats by Balenciaga @ Bluefly These flats are hardly dressy, but they're anything but boring! I certainly like the shade and the fact that they're not too formal to wear again with cute day and evening outfits. $436.00

Moss Sequined Bow Detail Flats by Giuseppe Zanotti @ Bluefly Did someone call for a green, flat wedding shoe? These are the ideal look that comes to mind. They offer you both a bow and sparkling sequins to make your shoes stand out. The white will tie into your gown and the shimmery moss color will pick up green from all of your themed decor. $440.00

And here are three additional, similar options from Zappos. They all have ruffles, bows or flowers adorning various shades of green flats, all at very affordable price points:

Sweet Caroline by Chinese Laundry $38.95

Shimmy by Blowfish $45.90

Florale by Steve Madden $79.90


Almost Well-Rounded said...

As someone who LOVES the color green, I didn't love any of those shoes. I did find a cute pair, but couldn't find them on their supposed seller's site :( . But here's a link to someone who had the same scenario:
Some of those shoes are really cute and the idea of dying a shoe in the fashion she desires IS a pretty good way of getting the color she wants. Saying "lighter than St. Patty's green" (which is Kelly Green) could be bright like Lime, lighter like a Jade, lightened with blue in a sea foam or teal, or dulled like a split-pea green. :-D Good luck to you and the Bride!

The Style Bard said...

I have been searching for the perfect green shoes for so long I can barely remember when I started! It's not the kind of thing where I want several pairs of green shoes either, so I really have to wait until I find the right style. As far as the flats above, my faves are the 'Pause' by Ciao Bella. However, I think the best bridal shoe might be the sequined Giuseppe Zanotti pair. It really depends what role these shoes will play in the whole wedding process! Shoe Hunts are always a gamble, but I try to use the information provided to collect a wide range of looks.