Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Shipping on Nordstrom Shoes

Now when you shop for shoes at Nordstrom, you can receive Free Shipping on your entire order. All you have to do is total $200 in your shopping cart; no additional codes or conditions are required! Personally, I only visit Nordstrom when it's time to splurge. And given the long list of gorgeous designer shoes available, reaching this minimum is a piece of cake. For example, take these 'Parisa' peep-toe mules by J. Renee. Now hand them back slowly before I have to chase you down because I saw them first! Okay, just kidding. We can both have them. But I'm wearing them Tuesday in NYC, so try not to do the same because we might run into each other and that would just be embarrassing. Well now that that's settled, I should also tell you that they're also on sale for 33% off their original price. Oh, and if you want to treat yourself to some new shoes but don't want to spend $200, you can just have your shoes shipped to your local store and pick them up for free! How's that for an excellent peep-toe--er, I mean loophole? Sorry, got distracted by the shiny shoes!

Expires: No Expiration

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