Sunday, April 18, 2010

Single Shoe Service at Nordstrom

So there are obviously numerous reasons why individuals may wish to purchase only one shoe at a time, but I believe Nordstrom's Single Shoe Service is the first time that I've actually seen this advertised in a pronounced way. Which I think is a smart marketing move. Not only can shoppers with unique shoe needs have them fulfilled, but Nordstrom is able to get rid of stray shoe merchandise while turning a profit. Single Shoes are only $26 from the select items available in their warehouse. You can fill out a form by visiting the website, stating your needs and purposes in order to get the correct shoe you need. For those with single shoe requirements, this allows them to skip the specialty stores and actually lay claim to designer names at an exceptionally reduced price. Style Bard supports this clever and mutually beneficial solution; so way to go, Nordstrom.

$10 Shipping and Handling Applies

Expires: No Expiration

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