Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Day for Free Shipping on Gap Shoes

Man. Men are really gypped when it comes to shoes and accessories at Gap. I mean, not for nothing, but could there be more than six options for them (two being flip-flops)? Men like shoe shopping too, I swear! One of my good guy friends has sneakers the exact same shade as these purportedly "Blue-Gray" 'Deck' sneakers. When they get wet or he's wearing the right colors or stands in just the right light, they look purple instead of blue. It's very confusing and it took me awhile to actually figure out that he didn't own purple sneakers (which would be awesome, don't get me wrong). But anyway, I digress. This pair is now on sale for only $29.99. And if you add a few items of apparel and get up to $100, your order will ship for free before midnight tonight (use code GAPSHIP). But if you like the look and are now worried about the dual color personalities of your new shoes, you may be more interested in the "Off-White" option instead.


Expires: Midnight, June 16th, 2010

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