Friday, June 25, 2010

Skechers on Sale at 6PM

Today, Skechers styles are selling for about $14.95--but you'll have to act fast to catch them at this low price, before they revert to regular sale pricing of 50-75% off, which is still an excellent deal. Options range from bedroom slippers (okay, so the rubber soles lead me to think they're actually meant to be worn outside but PLEASE DON'T) to beaded, cuffed sandals which, okay, are starting to grow on me since I've been seeing them everywhere, everyday--NYC is like Stockholm Syndrome Central or something when it comes to summertime fashions. You think you hate something until you see it the ten thousandth time and then BAM! today you love it; at this rate, cuffed sandals are spreading faster than zombie-ism would. Anyway, I don't mean to break you down anymore than you already are, so instead I'll show you these outlandish, outrageous 'Bon Ton - Rockette' wedge sneakers from Skechers. That oughta wake you up from your cuffed sandal coma. But please know that I am not advocating wearing these if you are a functioning adult. Please and thank you.

Expires: Midnight, June 24th, 2010

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