Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boot Barn - 5% Off Entire Order

Although I can tell through the screen that you kind of want these (I kind of do, too; they light up!), they're actually kid's boots by Roper Footwear. But don't worry, there's a vast selection of (regrettably non-light-up!) boots for men and women at Boot Barn. Hence, the name, right? Well now you can get 5% off your entire order through Christmas Day; just use code XMAS101. It may be too late to get your gifts under the tree on time, but that doesn't mean your loved ones will love the present any less in the following days. Or heck, just splurge a little for yourself with that Christmas bonus; you've earned it and it's only going to get colder on your poor feet in the coming months.

Code: XMAS101

Expires: December 25, 2010


Ali said...

Style Bard Shoes good but not new style

Costume Jewellery said...

Awesome boots. Would look great with some jewellery from Seasons Online!!