Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoes: Fast Facts

The April 2011 issue of ShopSmart (by the same publishers as Consumer Reports) included a new set of facts about shoes and the women who love them. It's based on a phone poll conducted during January 2011, interviewing 1,0009 women over the age of 18. I picked the top ten to share with you so you can sound smart and stay informed about how other women shoe shop:

1. Women own 17 pairs of shoes on average.

2. Women spend an average of $49 per pair of shoes.

3. Only about one-third of women have ever spent more than $100 on new shoes.

4. 29% of American women buy shoes online; four years ago, only 14% were buying shoes online.

5. 48% of women have had a shoe-related injury; 24% because of falling.

6. 39% of online shoe purchases are returned.

7. 39% of women prefer flats over any other heels, while 8% regularly wear heels over 2.5 inches high.

8. One-fourth of women have ever worn 4" heels or higher, but 60% are willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty and height (compared to 41% in 2007).

9. 28% of women think shoes are an important part of their outfits, but 51% notice what shoes other women are wearing.

10. About one-fifth of women have shopped to cheer themselves up.

How do your shoe habits measure up?

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Helen said...

No 10 - Only a fifth?