Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shoe Storage Innovation

Shoe Stor is paving the way for smart shoe protection with a brand new method of storing and saving your beloved investments. They offer sturdy rectangular boxes that allow you to utilize the space in your closet for an organized, beautiful space. The boxes are clear, so that you can give up your Polaroid method of labeling your shoeboxes and look straight inside to see where your shoes are - this makes getting ready in the morning much faster, trust me! These also collapse for easy storage when you're not using them! Additionally, these boxes come in varied shapes and sizes, so whether you're storing your size 6 slides or a pair of size 10 boots, Shoe Stor has a box for you!

For only $39.95 you can order a bundle of ten boxes. (Although, come on, we all know you have more than ten shoes!) It seems a steep price for boxes when you get the regular cardboard kind for free - but I like to think of mine as an investment, because these well-made boxes aren't going anywhere soon, and I'll be able to put my hard-earned shoe collection on display for years and years! If I'm going to spend a bundle on shoes, why not invest a little to protect them all? Shoe Stor also offers Flat-Rate Shipping, Men's Size Boxes, and Purse Boxes.

Keep your eyes peeled here for a chance to win your own Shoe Stor boxes from Style Bard Shoes in the near future - for now, they can be ordered directly through their link in the Style Bard Shoes sidebar! Have fun playing with your closet, ladies (and gentlemen)!

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dina said...

I'd prefer placing my favorite josef seibel shoes inside the storage box...