Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thong Cushions - Your Feet Will Thank You

Hold on, hold on - you don't have to thank me yet for this amazing find! But your feet will be thanking you soon, I guarantee. FootSmart- widely renowned for their specialty in foot comfort- now offers Peda Bella Gel Thong Cushions for your summer sandals. I know so, so many women who complain that thongs hurt their tootsies and now we have this modern, fascinating solution - cushions designed specifically to cater to those with sensitive feet, who dread the friction and rubbing of the thonged sandal or flip-flop. Finally, you, too, may indulge in cheap, warm summer/outdoor/poolside/beach footwear! Best of all, while one pair is $8.99, you can buy TWO pair for $7.99 apiece! Anyone up for a loooong walk on the beach? Okay, you may thank me now!

Expires: No Expiration

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1 comment:

Sian said...

Wonderful idea!! FootSmart is one of the best store for comfortable shoes!!