Thursday, June 26, 2008

50% Off Hot Topic Clearance

I know I've said I might lay off covering Hot Topic for awhile, for various previously stated reasons, such as that I haven't actually lain eyes on a pair of shoes from HT in a long, long time. (They could be made of cardboard for all I know! That's not very responsible of me to promote.) But then they had to go and have another 50% off sale. I believe the previous one lasted a weekend, while this one runs through the duration of the month-- mega bonus. Their Clearance section is entirely 50% off already lowered prices, and the last time they did this it garnered a lot of attention, even from those who might have thought they wouldn't go shoe shopping here. So, here we are again, since the Style Bard is never one to keep such a dramatic sale from her readers. How about funky black patent t-straps for only $7.99? That's what I thought; it's worth taking a look. There are plenty of flats for about $5 too!

Expires: June 30th

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